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We provide high-quality Uganda tangerines to the local and export market. We source our Uganda tangerines from family growers in the country.

Uganda tangerine (Citrus tangerina) has the appearance of orange in both color and shape. It is smaller than its better known citrus cousin. Regarding taste, it is milder than oranges: people eat it raw rather than produce juice because of the welcoming taste. The fruits come from cross-bred mandarin fruits. Their origin is Tangier in North Africa, which is credited as having lent its name to this mandarin cultivar.  Despite being a temperate fruit, like the rest of the citrus genus, the fruits grow well in tropical lands like Uganda.  In the country, tangerines are popular, with a bundle of three fruits in Mbale going for UGSH1000 ($1=3744 Uganda shillings).

The country’s main season of the fruit falls between mid-year and October. When the season is over, traders cross to Kenya and Tanzania to get fresh supplies and satiate the vibrant local appetite for the fruit.  Eating a tangerine is leeway to immunity as it has as much vitamin C as oranges. With 44 percent content of the daily value, the fruit easily prevents diseases. It also has a 13 percent proportion of vitamin A to maintain good eyesight. It has 5 percent content of vitamin B-6 and 3 percent magnesium for good metabolism and maintenance of bone structure.

It also keeps your digestion optimal by having 7 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber. Other healthy attributes include keeping the sheen of the hair, preserving the skin and healing wounds.  We source Uganda tangerine from the southern-central region of the country, especially Jinja on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. We also get ten from Soroti and Mbale, both large municipal areas on the eastern border with Kenya. Our other source is Mbale to the north of the country. Our family growers produce the fruits in small plots of less than two acres of land. They cultivate the fruits in organically-tended orchards together with other citrus families like orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon.

Our harvesting team of Uganda tangerines uses an expert eye and proper timing to know when to harvest the fruit. The first picking period takes place about 36 months after planting. The first indicator of maturity is when there is a bit of softening on the fruit and a trace of orange shade on it. Our farmhands then use hand pruners to slice off each fruit and ensure there is a bit of stalk attached to it.   The washing of tangerines from Uganda requires a careful process that protects against aroma loss and weight loss. This is why we use a protective natural wax layer on top to compensate for the organic wax that the fruits loose when being washed. This sprayed artificial layer is effective because it keeps the pores half-open so that the cargo can breathe throughout the journey. Soon after washing we ready the tidied fruits for packing.

We pack Uganda tangerines soon after sorting the healthy ones that have uniform sizes into wooden and plastic crates. We also have telescopic cartons with polyethylene-lined interiors to preserve taste and moisture.  The cartons measure 4/5th of bushels in size. The small ones can contain 56 fruits per package while the larger ones 210 fruits per carton.

We store fresh Uganda tangerine under diverse temperature conditions depending on your request. Storage at 4 to 6° Celsius preserves the fruits for eight weeks. At 6 to 8° Celsius, the fruits keep well for six weeks. Lower temperatures of 5° and 4.4° Celsius offer a shorter shelf life of 6 and 2 minimum weeks, respectively. The highest relative humidity is 90 percent for all temperature groups.

We transport Uganda tangerines in crates that are just filled enough to prevent shaking but not overfilled to ensure ventilation. We maintain refrigerated temperatures of as little as 4° Celsius on board to ensure the fruits against dehydration. We do not go below that range to avoid chilling injury.  Therefore, if you are set for a fruity taste that is neither orange nor a mandarin, do not forget to request for Uganda tangerines from us. We stock seasonal fruits for you to import during summer through autumn. Our selections are from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers from Central, northern and eastern Uganda. For a quantity that meets your specific requests, we contract family growers to cultivate the fruit trees in time for the due date of delivery. We also guarantee the best prices in the region as we consider your budget. Make an order today!

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