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We provide high-quality Uganda oranges to the local and export market. We source our Uganda oranges from family growers in the country.

Uganda orange is perhaps the best-known citrus fruit in the country for both home consumption and export. It first came from southern China and other parts of southern Asia. The sweet variety is common for having a solid-placed central core while the sour one has none. It is among the most nutritious fruits from the species C. Sinensis. Its close relatives include mandarins and lemons. It is  rich in vitamins and have a little calorie count.

The orange is among the best sources of vitamin C available. With a whopping 88 percent of the vitamin, it keeps the body immune from diseases. It also possesses a small but effective amount of vitamin A for good eyesight at 4 percent of the daily value. The dietary fiber content is usually 9 percent of the daily value while vitamin B-6 is 5 percent. The fruit also gives a lease to a strong bone structure through a 2-percent daily value of magnesium. For the health-conscious, eating an orange of just 2 and 1/2 inches thickness reduces the chances of contracting cold, prevents cancer and keeps the skin clear.

We source our oranges in the peak season that starts in June and ends in October. We also have early maturing varieties available early in the year such as Valencia with its juicy, high yielding fruits.  We also have the Hamlin variety that has tiny fruits that are glossy-skinned. Our family growers who practice organic methods of cultivation also grow Nova and Kuno navel varieties.   We obtain our Uganda oranges from such high rainfall areas as Mbale to the east and Gulu to the north. All our family growers practice traditional citrus fruit production with little or no sprays but use ample farmyard manure for soil enrichment. Each district has its market town where farmers sell their produce. We source ours directly from the farms to assess quality.

We practice a tradition of handpicking Uganda oranges. For the hard-to-reach fruits, we use safe ladders to pluck each fruit until only the unripe ones remain for the next picking bout. After a final survey of all trees in the orchard to maximize on the harvest, our produce agents then take the barrels full of the fruits to the sorting bay at the packinghouse.  We then sort the Uganda oranges on large-scale sorting machines. The healthy, orange-tinted fruits of large sizes go into packing while the misshapen, unripe ones remain behind to make by-products like juice. All our table fruits go through careful washing and hygienic handling by gloved workers before they enter the shipping mesh bag.

We pack Uganda orange under global standards. For loose bulk packing, we use anything from as few as 24 to as many as 270 fruits for every 28.5-liter shipping container. For the smaller packages, we use mesh bags made of plastic of diverse dimensions, with airy polyethylene interior linings. We then keep them in cartons that have 5 percent of side ventilation. During transportation, we keep these ventilation holes side to side to ensure the airflow is continuous.

We retain the Uganda oranges temporarily at our warehouses at temperatures of around 10° Celsius. For the cultivars that withstand cold, we can lower the temperature to no more than 5° Celsius. The latter are usually the sweet varieties with low acidic taste.

Regarding transportation, our oranges receive the same controlled temperatures as in the cold room. We convey them using trucks on the same day of packing and if possible, the same day after harvesting. This ensures that they can reach your destination on the same day or a few days after shipping.  Indeed, you can request for a shipment of Uganda oranges from the best supplier in the East African region, namely us. We keep the fruits well preserved right from harvesting, through packing and final transportation to ensure you receive them fresh. All our supplies come from fruit orchards that have received certifications for Uganda’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). To improve the flexibility, we offer you a flexible quantity of any tonnage as we have perpetual supplies. We match this with quite fair prices that match your pocket. Make an order today!

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