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We provide high-quality Uganda plantains (Musa bananas) to the local and export market. We source our Uganda plantain bananas from family growers in the country.

Uganda is one of the best sources of plantains or Musa bananas in the world. These are usually cooking bananas. Apart from being a chief regional export, they act as a jack-of-all-trades in culinary terms within the country. These range from making matoke to concocting beer banana. Their taste and aroma are like that of the most common tuber, the Irish potato. They are however a separate variety from the matooke banana even though they play the same cooking role after pounding them into a mash.

Each serving of plantains provides the body with vitamin C content worth 30 percent of the daily value. This is followed by that of vitamin B-6 which is 15 percent of the daily needs. The magnesium content is 9 percent of the daily value for maintaining the bone structure. The potassium content of 14 percent for enhancing the electrolyte balance in blood represents 14 percent of the daily needs. For an energy fruit, the plantain also gives protein worth 2 percent, while the dietary fiber stands at 9 percent of the daily value.

We source our Uganda plantains from the west of the country where 68 percent of banana varieties grow. This region alone produces over 2.9 million metric tons of the fruit inclusive of both plantains and sweet bananas per year. We only deal with family growers with a record of conservation agriculture, inclusive of the organic use of soil enrichment and low or little use of chemical sprays.

Unlike bananas which have to be at least 75 percent mature to cut down, we harvest Uganda plantains when they have just turned plump and are sizable. We also check that the upper portions of the bananas have changed into a pale green shade. Another gauge is the seventy-fifth day after the onset of flowers.

Our harvesting process involves the use of sharpened knives that slash the stalks of the hands. Each bunch contains at least six inches of the stalk which we leave for both portability and ease of handling. Unlike bananas whose hands do not ripen at the same duration, those of plantains are easy to sort for packing as they are not intended ripe: just when mature. We store them in a well-shaded venue in readiness for packing.  Our workers stow away the bunches on their pad-protected shoulders.

Our packed Ugandan plantains come in cartons that can contain 13 kilos of the fruits per package.  We add at least five hundred grams to the consignment to compensate for transit weight loss.  We also use cardboards to contain several hands in the same bulk package.  We also have bulk containers with slip-sheet or polythene linings that contain single bananas separate from other hands.  For all types of packages, we line the bananas with film linings that separate each from the other while at the bottom we place moisture-absorbent paddings.

We store Uganda plantains at no less than 13° Celsius as any temperature below that range can lead to chilling injury.   We also transport the produce under the same conditions to the airport in Entebbe or by long distance to the neighboring port of Mombasa or Dar-es-Salaam.

In short, if you would like to avail Uganda plantains, you now have a reliable supplier. As our produce comes from the heart of family growers who grow them under Global Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) conditions, we guarantee quality. We also tailor our quantity to adhere to your exact tonnage to ensure that you only get the exact amount. We also offer the lowest prices that suit your budget. Make an order today!

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