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We provide high-quality Rwanda custard apple to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda custard apples from family growers in the country.

Rwanda custard apple, also known as Pride of Africa, is a set of tropical trees, some of which are native to the continent that grows lushly across East, Central and West Africa. The most common trio in Rwanda includes the real custard apple (Annona reticulata), the African custard apple (A. senegalensis) and soursop (A. squamosa).

The use of any of these species of custard apple may provide relief from lung problems especially from dust in a polluted environment. Thus, eating the fruit does not just offer protection from hunger but creates a remedy against lung diseases.

We source Rwanda custard apple from local growers in the semi-arid parts of the country. We only interact with family growers who have an average of 0.5 hectares of land which they manage by farmyard manure, with little application of chemical sprays.

Annona Reticulata: our real Rwanda custard apple species, also known as ‘bullock’s heart’ comes in small volumes from the north of the country. It is relatively sweet but not as tasty as its rivals. It has a deep red color when ripe and bears a smooth skin that is different from the rougher-skinned cousins. It thrives in a short shrub with evergreen leaves during much of the year.

Annona squamosa: also known as sugar apple, this fruit shares the name soursop with Annona muricata. Its regional name in Swahili is matopetope. It is one of the few tropical trees to emerge from the Central African low-lying areas. The rough, slightly thorny fruit has yellow pulp and a mouth-watering smell.

Annona senegalensis: alternatively known as wild custard apple, the African custard apple has been a source of folk medicine in the region for long. It thrives in the semi-arid parts of Rwanda. It bears an oval-shaped fruit that is partially segmented in the middle. The shapeless fruit begins in color but turns a bright orange when it has undergone ripening. Its tallest trees can attain between 6 and 11 meters in height.

Our sources of Rwanda custard apple varieties include the semi-arid parts of the north of the country. We make contracts with family growers who grow them on of less than 2 acres. This makes it easy to manage under farmyard manure with low or no chemical application.

Our typical harvest of Rwanda custard apple takes place at dawn to keep out the fruits from the sun which may affect their moisture levels. Our supervisors direct the harvesting team to look for fruits that have just turned from dark green to light green. The team then picks the mature fruits by hand means. They also use pruners to snip the berries piece by piece with partial stalk intact. The workers keep the fruits inside baskets for temporary storage. Each basket has foam in its interior to protect against the crushing of the fruits.

After each harvest, we transport Rwanda custard apples to the sorting bay. We separate the fruits by species in case they have grown in the same farm. We also check that the usually misshapen pieces are stain-free and firm before we wash only the healthiest.

We pack the fresh Rwanda custard apples in pre-cooled cartons (at 10 degrees Celsius). We first enclose the pieces in custom bags that later feature in cartons for secure handling. Each bag has polyvinyl film linings in its interior for preventing dehydration.  We sign off the packing process with designate labels of the country of origin, the date of packing, the net weight and the destination.

We store Rwanda custard apple under temperatures of less than 10 degrees Celsius. We maintain this temperature during the transportation phase of the cargo to the airport in Kigali. You can, therefore, expect the dispatch to touch down in your city in the next 24 to 48 hours.

We are therefore your go-to for anything Rwanda custard apple. Depending on the cultivar you are after, you will always find it in fresh quality, the right size, and secure packaging. We ensure there is quality in each fruit by harvesting it by hand from our Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales in the country. Regarding quantity, we clock your specific request by having our family growers produce the surplus in season. On top of that, our prices are entirely fair and affordable. You can thus start by making an order today!

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