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We provide high-quality Rwanda courgette to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda courgette from family growers in the country.

Rwanda courgette (Cucurbita pepo var.Cylandrica) is an oblong-shaped fruit from the biggest family of squashes, C. pepo. It grows to a length of a meter at its mature stage. But its common harvesting time is when it is just 15 or 25 centimeters long. By then it is still tender and suitable to make the vegetable roasts, fries or steamed meals that make it perhaps the most popular dish in the curcubit family. In Rwanda, the yields are still low because of its being a late introduction into the farming scene. It has proved an economically essential crop that many family growers cultivate with or without fertilizer application.

Consumption of zucchini is good advice for someone who wants to overcome diseases due to the relatively high vitamin C content of about 29% per serving. The vitamin B-6 margin is 10%, a good proportion to aid in cell metabolism. The other nutrients include vitamin A at 4%, calcium at 1%, potassium at 7% and iron at 2%.

We source Rwanda courgette from the Northern Province. Our family growers from this part of the country usually grow their crop without commercial fertilizers. Though there has been attribution that this lessens the yields, it is nevertheless a jor step for our quality expectations. Additionally, our family sources keep away from chemical sprays to reduce the residual build up in the crop.

We pick Rwanda courgettes when the fruits are still a quarter of their mature length. We use the market average of 10 centimeters or 4 inches to get the best quality. Anything longer than 15 centimeters may have lost its tenderness and flavor or worse, turned into the marrow. We usually cut the fruits at the stalk and retain some of the handling ends.  We forgo the term referred to ‘slaying courgettes’ which means haphazard harvesting and instead carefully lift each piece at the base.

We sort and grade Rwanda courgette after carting away the oblong pieces to the packing shed. We remove any marrow-stage or overly mature piece. We keep only uniform-sized and healthy zucchinis in our boxes. After this pre-packing phase is over, we transfer the graded pieces to the packing area.

We pack Rwanda courgette in ½ bushel size horizontal cartons that are long enough to allow comfortable arrangement. We minimize injuries on the skin by laterally laying the fruit with the stalk side leaning on the wall of the carton. We finish the packing by labeling the boxes with the details of the name/variety, the net weight, and the source.

We store Rwanda courgette in the temperature mean of 10 degrees Celsius. We maintain a cool, dry interior environment for the storage of the vegetable. We keep the relative humidity at the range of 50 to 75 percent.

We transport our zucchini at the same temperature to the airport in Kigali. You can expect the packages to reach your destination in the next one or two days depending on your part of the world.

Thus, if you are ready to lay hands on one of the different-looking and perhaps the most popular squash family member, then our Rwanda courgette fits that description. You will avail the crop from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers, itself a guarantee of quality. Our produce comes in your exact quantity request as we ensure that our family growers grow surplus. On the question of price, we keep the rates quite affordable for every importer. This is why you should make an order today!

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