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We provide high-quality Rwanda eggplant to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda eggplants from family growers in Rwanda.

Intoryi or urutoryi in Kinyarwanda language and bilingani in Swahili, Rwanda eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a member of the tomato family. Its purple-colored variation is known as aubergine. It is a shapely conical-shaped fruity vegetable with a bigger surface area than the largest tomato. The plant bears its long, rounded indigo-or green-colored berries in less than half a year after planting.  The interior of the berry houses numerous seeds with a bitter taste. The cut fruit helps to pickle meals. The cash crop is a common find in markets in Rwanda’s Rubavu on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The origin of the eggplant was the thorn apple plant which grew in the forest. Its first point of dispersal was south-east Asia, and from here it spread to southern Europe through the journeys of Arabs. Around 1100 A.D., Arabs had written books on the cultivation of the crop.

Eating eggplant is a pathway into health. It has around 12 percent of the dietary fiber margin, which helps in digestion. Its vitamin B-6 margin stands at 5 percent per serving. The magnesium level is 3 percent in each meal while iron which prevents chronic diseases is 1 percent of the daily value. The potassium proportion stands at 6 percent, a good enough margin for the regulation of blood pressure. The plant proves healthy for weight watchers as it has virtually no fat content.

We source Rwanda African eggplant from Rubavu district to the northwest where there is a significant market for the produce. Our family growers own at least 1 acre of land which they cultivate by rain-fed and irrigated means. The locals do not use chemical sprays and instead employ traditional methods to eradicate pests. They also use farmyard manure instead of commercial fertilizer for soil enrichment.

We harvest Rwanda eggplant when it has acquired a shiny, thinned out exterior skin. This takes place after six months of planting the crop. This can extend to longer durations for the late maturing varieties. The color of the cone-shaped fruit is at this time cream in both the skin and flesh. Before we cut it at the stalk, we ensure that the seeds do not show through the glossy skin as this indicates ripeness. We use handy garden scissors to cut the fruit at the stalk but keep an inch of the stem on the fruit’s end.

We sort the healthiest-looking Rwanda eggplants fresh from the harvest and soon after clean them in purified water.  This washes off any clinging field dirt. It also does away with microbes. After rinsing the aubergines, we wipe them dry with soft towels. We then pack only the firmest and mature.

Our packing of Rwanda eggplant begins with the preparation of brand new cartons for filling the produce by the count. We use ½ bushel size produce boxes to put designate bulk count of the vegetables. Each of our cartons comes with polyethylene linings in the interior to help keep the fresh produce well-hydrated. We stick self-adhesive produce labels that include the name, the country of origin and the number of pieces in each package.

We store Rwanda eggplants at 0 degrees Celsius. This temperature is suitable for keeping the fruity vegetables long before they spoil. We also transport the produce to the airport in Kigali under the same refrigerated conditions courtesy of our special trucks. You can expect the cargo to reach your city in the next 24 to 48 hours depending on the relative distance.

We are therefore well-equipped at providing you with exceptional quality Rwanda eggplants. We source our produce only from family growers from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. This in itself is a guarantee of fresh quality. We also maintain quantity parameters that align to the exact volume that you request for. On the question of price, we maintain very competitive rates that match your budget. This is all the more reason you should make an order today!

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