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We provide high-quality Rwanda cabbages to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cabbages from family growers in the country.

Rwanda cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Capitata) is one of the most common leafy vegetables in any market. The Great Lakes region’s country had about 8, 153 hectares under cabbages in the year 2008. The principal producing areas included Gicumbi district to the north. The crop has been improving regarding yields with the current output being 8.8 tons per hectare. The main types under production include Green Savoy, Gloria F1 and Asian varieties. The dome-headed plant features green-blue leaves that curve around the dome. There are also red, purple and even white-leafed variations.

The origin of the cabbage was in Europe around 1000 B.C. Anglo Saxons crossed the wild version with others to form heads. The crop would come to Asia via Rome where Romans made it a royal delicacy. The missionaries brought the vegetable to Africa.

Eating cabbages provides a ready source of vitamin C for protection against diseases at 60 percent of the daily requirements. The magnesium margin, essential for bone formation is 3 percent in each serving. The dietary fiber margin of 10 percent of the daily value helps to promote proper digestion. Though negligible at 1 percent, vitamin A in the leafy green helps to heal vision problems. There is also iron content at 2 percent and calcium at 4 percent for anemia control and teeth enamel maintenance respectively. The protein levels are 2 grams per 100 grams, while sugar is 3.2 grams.

We source Rwanda cabbages from family growers in all parts of Rwanda including the northern region where Gicumbi is district is situated. All our sources practice organic agriculture. They enrich the soil in their 1 to 2-acre fields with farmyard compost. They also abstain from the use of chemical sprays to reduce high residual levels.

We harvest Rwanda cabbages when the head has attained a firm, circular look. The leaves surrounding the dome at this time are of a turquoise green color. We cut the vegetables at the base with a part of the stalk intact. We stow away the pieces to the packing shed for sorting, grading, and packing.

Our sorting process involves the trimming of mainly the Green Savoy cultivar. Most other varieties require just the removal of a few leaves. In every piece, we keep part of the foliage around the cabbage head. We finally clean, remove any unsorted debris and get ready to pack the naturally smelling vegetables.

We pack Rwanda cabbages in waxed boxes or crates with a capacity of 20.4 kilos. Our larger boxes have a weight measure of 22.6 kilos. The boxes come with the sizes of 1 ¾ bushel or at most one 7/8th bushels. Our other alternative for packing Rwanda cabbages is the bulk bin. All our carrying media including cardboard boxes and crates come bound in tough wire to secure the cargo during palletized transportation. We wrap each head carefully in a polyethylene bag before insertion into the bin or crate. We place produce labels inclusive of the name/cultivar, source, packing date and the net weight.

We store Rwanda cabbages in a cold room environment at 0 degrees Celsius. The delivery of the cargo to the airport is courtesy of our refrigerated vehicles that maintain the controlled temperatures of the cold room. We usually give a period of 24 to 48 hours for the produce to reach your city depending on your part of the world.

If you are seeking one of the most popular market staples in groceries, search no more as you now have a fresh quality provider of Rwanda cabbages. Our quality comes from the fact that we only source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. In quantity terms, we direct our farmers to grow surplus to meet your demand. We also keep our prices a notch lower than the current market rates to match your budget. Make an order today!

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