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We provide high-quality Rwanda apple to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda apples from family growers in the country.

Rwanda apple (Malus pumila) or pome in Kinyarwanda is among the most premium fruits from the Northern Province under the cool climate here. A member of the malus family of temperate climate fruits, the apple is an exceptional tree that easily adapts even in the tropics. It grows to the size of a man at 1.8 meters. However, under proper conditions, it can hit 4.6 meters in height. Though the tree dispersed from Turkey many millennia back, the modern cultivars have an origin from Central Asia.

Out of the 7500 varieties of the apple, the main distinctive ones are either red-or green-skinned. Some of the most common ones include the green-tinged Granny Smith and red-toned Alice and Ambrosia varieties.

With 0.1 mg of iron, the apple fruit also has 7% worth of the daily value of vitamin C for protection against diseases. The magnesium content stands at 1%, the same as vitamin A. There is a dietary fiber margin of 0.9% per serving of the fruit, which is good enough to stop indigestion. The potassium content stands at 3%, fair enough margin for bone health maintenance. It has average sugar content like any other fruit at 10 grams per 100 grams. The consumption of apples is a road into health, especially skin nourishment. The bIn fact, the green type has chemicals that keep the skin well-toned. The fruit also heals kidney stones, keeps away constipation problems and treats anemia. There are also claims that it has anti-diabetic potential.

We source Rwanda apples from several districts mostly in the Northern Province. Some of these include Gicumbi, Burera, Ngororero, and Gakenke. Here, the national produce board (NAEB) has delineated plenty of opportunities for apple farmers due to the cool climate and has distributed certified seeds to small-scale growers.

As such, we only draw contracts with family growers with an average of 0.5 hectares. This is land manageable enough to encourage organic farming: indeed, all our sources enrich their orchards with farmyard manure and keep away from harmful chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda apples the same way as mangoes at the peak of maturity just after the first signs of the change of color. By now the fruits are plump, very firm and sizable enough to pick easily. We either pluck them by hand or use scissors to gently cut the stalk end while retaining a few centimeters of this handling stem. We keep the red or green selections in a shaded place before we can transfer them to the packinghouse for sorting.

We usually keep the harvest as bruise-free as possible so that most of the pieces will feature in the packing box. Otherwise, we remove any diseased fruits. We also keep out any pieces with any form of external injury. Our most elegant pieces, usually firm, hard-fleshed and exquisitely-colored make the first grade.

We pack Rwanda apples in single bushel cartons, usually cardboard. We feature different weight dimensions based on the variety. Our fiberboard trays or 18-kilogram capacity cartons come with space enough to contain eight bags bearing 2.3 kilograms of apples apiece. A similar arrangement is also possible via our 16-kilo packages that are minimal-sized. They carry a more significant number of fruits in 12 bags but of small dimensions as each bag weighs 1.3 kilos. Our third basic unit of packing is a PETE/cello bag that can weigh anywhere from 1.3 to 4.5 kilograms. Our bulk bins, on the other hand, are for bulk preparation and can contain between 136 and 272 kilos. We offer the vented boxes together with self-adhesive labels of the name/cultivar, net weight, and country of origin.

Our storage parameters for Rwanda apples at 0 degrees Celsius reflect the cool climate under which the fruit grows. We use special trucks fitted with modified environment interiors to convey the produce to the international airport in Kigali. You can expect the cargo to reach your destination a day or two after dispatch.

In short, if you are after one of the most commercialized and sought after fruits in the world, you now have a ready supplier of Rwanda apples to count on. We source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. This is in itself sufficient guarantee of fresh quality. We also follow international standards during our mostly automated post-harvest handling and packing.  On the question of correct tonnage, we direct our farmers to grow surplus to meet your volume. Besides, our prices do not break the bank as we keep them very competitive. Make an order today!


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