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We provide high-quality Rwanda broccoli to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda broccoli from family growers in the country.

Rwanda broccoli (Brassica oleracea) is a cabbage-related vegetable with little, dense green heads that grow upon thick stalks. It is a cauliflower lookalike only that it is made up of hundreds of flowers and it is firmer than its relation. From a bird’s eye view, the vegetable’s head resembles a malformed flower or a dome of green leaves that have not opened the same way as a cabbage.  The original home of broccoli was the south of Europe where it began as sea cabbage. The modern cultivars are outcomes of generations of cross-breeding.

Eating broccoli is a leeway into immunity as each plant has 148% of the daily needs of vitamin C. Vitamins B-6 and A for metabolism and eyesight health respectively are present at 10 and 12% per serving. The dietary fiber margin stands at 10%, good enough for keeping proper digestion going. The level of bone-strengthening magnesium is 5% while that of diuretic function-supporting potassium is 9%. The vegetable helps to detoxify the body of free radicals. It also prevents cholesterol buildup and forestalls ailments.

We source Rwanda broccoli from. Our consortium of family growers operates less than 2 acres of land which it maintains with well-rotten cow dung manure. Our sources also abstain from excessive use of chemical sprays to prevent the buildup of chemical residue.

Our typical harvest of Rwanda broccoli begins at the early morning just before the rising of the sun. We go for curds that are past the flower-budding stage and have no physical evidence of flowers. We pick the mature heads by severing them by garden scissors. We keep about 6 inches to help in the handling of the stems. We then put the stems in bags that we then transfer to the shade awaiting transfer to the packinghouse.

We prepare the Rwanda broccoli harvest for the market by washing it. After a thorough run in purified water to extract dirt and stains, we then use sterilization followed by drying to kill microbes. We maintain a fair balance of dryness and wetness during this sorting period.

We pack Rwanda broccoli in 11.5-kilogram produce boxes. The boxes come at the size parameters of between 10 and 18 bushels. We maintain a nearly frozen means for the produce by lining its interiors with a film. We pre-cool the boxes using ice after which we put in the produce. We finalize the packing process by attaching self-adhesive labels with the packing date, the net weight and the name of the vegetable.

We store Rwanda broccoli in the temperature mean of 0 degrees Celsius in our well-ventilated warehouse environment. We keep room saturation levels at the range of 90 to 95 percent. We also offer broccoli in frozen form after blanching it for long-term storage, as it is one of the most common packed greens.

We further maintain this temperature inside our hydro-cooled vehicles that transfer it to Kigali International. You can expect the cargo to touch down in your city in the space of a day or two after dispatch.

Indeed, whether you want it as a frozen vegetable or fresh green, you now have reliable access to fresh quality Rwanda broccoli. We source the produce from family growers in the heart of the country who grow it under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. You are also assured of getting the right quantity on time as we direct our farmers to produce the surplus. Our prices, on the other hand, are quite affordable as we design them specifically for you. Make an order today!

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