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We provide high-quality Rwanda capsicum to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda capsicum from family growers in the country.

Rwanda capsicum (Capsicum annuum) or puwavaro in Kinyarwanda is one of the largest pepper crops. It has a bell-shaped berry that has lent it the typical name of ‘bell pepper.’ It is a mild spice with no heat intensity as it comes from the family of nightshades and tomatoes known as Solanaceae. Though the primary color is green, the ripe fruit can turn anything from red to yellow and orange. It also comes in lime, purplish and creamy hues.

The origin of the bell pepper was Central, Northern, and Southern America. It first got introduced to the rest of the world in 1493 when the Spanish shipped it to Europe. It is now available worldwide especially China and Africa.

Consumption of capsicum is perhaps the easiest way to immunity of any plant as it has four times (404%) of the daily value of vitamin C. It is, therefore, a good remedy for stomach issues, backbone troubles, and cancer.  The other vitamin is A which is available at 23% percent per serving. This is a good enough margin for eyesight improvement.  The vitamin B-6 margins stand at 15%, essential for metabolism functions. The mineral department is headed by bone-strengthening magnesium at 6% per serving. The dietary fiber margin is 6% while carbohydrates are present at 3%.

We source Rwanda capsicum from select areas of the Northern Province. Our family growers from Rulindo district grow the colored bell pepper variety. They bring their produce to the local market from where it finds its way to Kigali and other parts of the world. We only consort with sources that employ organic means of cultivation. They rely on farmyard manure for soil enrichment with little use of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda capsicum when it is full-sized but still green. We do our picking at dawn to preserve the 14% of moisture levels unadulterated by the sun’s heat. We use garden scissors to slash the bell pepper at the bottom with a part of the stem. We immediately carry away the harvest to the packing shed where the green fruits are ready for sorting, grading and eventually packing.

Give or take, the Rwanda capsicum harvest requires a month to ripen from the date of picking. This is why during the sorting period the pieces are still firm and still in bloom. We pre-cool them at low temperatures during this time to do away with field heat. We sort them by their color, size, and weight. Our programmed sorting belts can tell apart cultivars which makes the job of the workers easy at packing them. We retain only clear-skinned, partially ripe pieces that are firm to the hold.

We pack Rwanda capsicum in two formats: loose and flow pack. The loose type of packing is where we combine all fruits irrespective of size in bulk. The flow pack contains a careful selection of fruits by grade, color, size, and cultivar. We then wrap them in polyurethane wrappers to ensure that they stay in a well-hydrated condition. We put the wrapped pieces into cartons in readiness for packing.

We also choose to pack Rwanda capsicum in shrunken seal containers. We, first of all, wrap every fruit in polythene and then insert it in a sunken tray. We seal the trays by a film to stop air entry. We then feature all the trays in designated bags that keep the fruits well aerated next to each other.

We store Rwanda capsicum in the temperature range of between 7 and 13 degrees Celsius. We keep this temperature intact inside our refrigerated vehicles during the transfer to the airport. The cargo makes it to Kigali International on the same day of packing by air means.

In other words, you now have a great selection of bell peppers from one of the noteworthy agricultural nations of the Great Lakes region. Indeed, our Rwanda capsicum is a product of hard work of family growers who grow it organically under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We ensure that the fruits come to you in the correct tonnage as we always maintain surplus during our harvests. We seal the deal with the lowest prices in the East African market. This is why you should make an order today!


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