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We provide high-quality Rwanda Cape gooseberry to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cape gooseberries from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda Cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana), is a small fruit that has an attractive yellowish-orange color. The marble-like fruit also features a smooth but waxy exterior. It has a feathery husk that serves as an inedible covering. The berry which falls under Rwanda’s minor crops horticultural directorate has the same aspects of a cherry tomato, including a soft, rounded exterior only that its flesh is yellow-colored. As its botanical name suggests, it is native to South America, particularly Brazil and Peru. It has a tart but sweet taste. Growing under similar conditions as cactus, it has the distinction of falling to the ground at the height of its ripeness.

Eating cape gooseberries is a ticket into health especially for combating heart ailments. This is because the miniature fruit has little fat, no cholesterol, and zero sodium. It is also lush in vitamins A as well as C. Its fiber content is high while the potassium level is too high.

We source Rwanda cape gooseberries from the semi-arid parts of the country. We obtain the fruits from simple patches of land measuring just 1 acre courtesy of family growers. The farmers conserve their soil using farmyard manure. They also maintain their crop with little application of chemical sprays to reduce residual levels.

We harvest Rwanda cape gooseberries when their calyxes (leathery enclosing skins) turn bright yellow or fall. In either case, our experienced workers always keep on the lookout for only mature berries whose husks have yellowed out as some of the fallen ones may still be immature. They also sort the fruits carefully during the collecting phase: this is because some of the berries hidden in the calyxes may be diseased or overripe.

We deliver the harvest of Rwanda cape gooseberries immediately after picking to the packing shed. Here, our team de-husks or removes the calyx from each fruit. This leaves the marble-sized round berry for grading. We keep the sweet-scented fruits by size. Usually, the first-year harvests are generally more significant than the second-year and third-year alternatives. The reason for this is that the tree starts to die off during its third year after planting.

We pack Rwanda cape gooseberries in horizontal cartons in single-layer formation to prevent the crushing of the delicate fruits. Our basic capacity is for 7 to 7.5 kilograms per package. We also have the larger alternative of 12-kilogram net weight. We attach the appropriate produce labels on each corrugated carton. The fruits can be packed in their husks for extended protection or in de-husked form. The exterior of every package usually has the details of the name of the produce, the net weight, country of origin and the packing date.

We store Rwanda cape gooseberries in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight to keep their color and freshness. We maintain a temperature of less than 10 degrees Celsius. We keep a relative humidity of 70 percent to support a well-hydrated condition of the fruit’s pulp. We keep this same modified temperature during transportation to the airport in Kigali usually at around 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. The shipment reaches your destination in a day or two after dispatch depending on your part of the world.

If you are after one of the rarer fruits from the continent, then Rwanda gooseberries from our family growers should be on your list. We keep quality by obtaining the fruits from certified farmers who grow them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. We also ensure that there is sufficient quantity by liaising with many sources to produce the surplus. We keep the prices manageable by adjusting them to the lower threshold of the current market rates. Make an order today!

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