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We provide high-quality Rwanda avocados to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda avocados from family growers in the country.

Rwanda avocado (Persea Americana) is one of the favorite fruits in the Great Lakes Region’s country. As the most grown fruit in the nation, it goes under the local name avoka. The total production margin per year stands at 141, 130 metric tons. The mild climate of the country makes for the perfect growing of the fruit. There are both local and exotic varieties. The main ones are Fuerte and Hass. The others include Ettinger, Puebla, Reed, Nabal, Pinkerton, Bacon and Simmonds. Rwanda may not be the biggest exporter of the fruit in the Great Lakes Region, a title that neighboring Burundi holds, but it has some of the best quality fruits. The prices per piece range at around 10 to 20 US cents seasonally in Kigali markets. The origin of the avocado goes back thousands of years ago in the central parts of South America.

Avocados provide about 16 percent of the daily needs of vitamin C, which is essential for boosting immunity. The vitamin content is about 2 percent of the daily value. The level of dietary fiber is about 28 percent per serving. The potassium margin for the regulation of blood pressure is 28 percent of the daily requirements. The fruit is also a great source of fat, which is around 23 percent of the daily needs. 10 percent of this is saturated. The level of vitamin B-6, which supports proper metabolism, is 15 percent per serving.

We source Tanzania avocados from Nyagatare district in the eastern province of the country. We also obtain supplies from Gisagara, Nyaza, and Butare, all in the southern region. Our only Western province’s suppliers come from the Rusizi district. All our sources have at least 0.5 hectares of land under which they cultivate the crop. They rarely use farm sprays and only rely on farmyard manure for soil enrichment purposes.

We harvest avocados when they have attained at least 15 to 18 months from the onset of the flowers. After this, our team takes to the field with long bamboo sticks with catcher baskets and cutting tools on them for harvesting the produce. We pick only the fruits that have changed to a purplish tinge for hass and are a deep green but still firm for Fuerte. No matter the variety, we ensure that none is ripe during the picking time to prevent transit softening.

We then sort the Rwanda avocados at the packing shed based on the characteristics of shape, size, and firmness. We then grade the fruits based on the factors of color and other particulars. Our Extra Class grade avocados are the firmest and of superior quality. They may or may not have stalks during packing and if present, the stems are fully attached, not broken. The Class 1 grade, on the other hand, is exceptional quality, suffused with good color and is shapely. The Class II types are generally good quality fruits but may have different sizes and shapes. All of the fruits in each grade have no physical injuries.

We pack Rwanda avocados in single-layered flat/telescopic boxes, cartons or trays. We reserve a basic weight of 5.67 kilograms. We also have double-layered packages with a capacity for 11.34 kilograms. This is mainly in the form of lugs. Our third option for packing is the volume-fill box which comes with a capacity for 11.34 kilograms. All our packages feature the designate labels including the name of the cultivar, the packing date, the country of origin and the net weight.

We store Rwanda avocados at temperatures of less than 5 degrees Celsius. We store them in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight to keep their color and aroma. For hass, we maintain a mean temperature of 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. The other cultivars do well from the average of 6 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius.

We transport them in our refrigerated vehicles on the same day of packing to the airport in Kigali. Clients can expect the shipment to reach them a day or two from the dispatch date by air.

Whether you are after perennial favorites like Fuerte and Hass or newcomers like Pinkerton, you have got our backing for your Rwanda avocado needs. We source the fruits from the land of a thousand hills courtesy of family growers who have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Our quantity parameters also meet your exact needs as we capitalize on our farmers’ production of surplus to meet seasonal demand.  Our prices are quite low and reflect upon your budget. Make an order today!

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