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We provide high-quality Rwanda cucumber to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cucumber from family growers in the country.

Rwanda cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a typical plant in the cucurbit family. With a similar shape to that of courgette, this oblong fruit differs from its mostly round gourd relations. The main characteristics of the plant include vines that creep along the ground. They produce yellow flowers that are in the shape of a star. The oval fruits come in green color and have whitish stripes along their skins. Rwanda is home to more than three varieties including the slicing, seedless and pickling types.

The origin of the cucumber was the Mediterranean region of Europe. The crop grew in Greece around 3000 years ago. From here it dispersed to the rest of the Western countries and reached England in the 14th century.

The consumption of cucumber is a leeway into health as it offers about 15.54 calories in every serving of a hundred grams. The crop has quite high carbohydrates margins. The potassium level is 147 mg in every 100 g of the produce. This is an essential proportion for balancing the electrolytes in the blood. The crop also comes with 500 mg of dietary fiber which assists in digestion.

We source Rwanda cucumber from all regions of the country. We keep in touch only with family growers who cultivate the crop on less than 2 acres of land. Our sources manage their little fields with farmyard manure as an alternative fertilizer. They also abstain from the use of harmful pesticides to reduce the build-up of chemical residual.

We harvest Rwanda cucumber when the corms are mature enough, and the vines are widespread. At picking time, the plump corms measure 6 inches long for the slicing cultivar. This goes to 4 inches long for the intermediate dill variety. The pickle cultivar, which is the smallest, is ready for picking when it has reached around 3 inches. Our experienced workforce picks each by cutting it at the stalk end by a sharp knife. We put each piece with a part of its stalk intact into baskets for delivery to the sorting area and the packinghouse.

We sort the cucumber harvest by size, appearance, and other blemish-free qualities. We begin with the superior quality fruits which are also the largest. We separate the fruits by the varieties for easy packing. After a thorough cleaning, the fruits are then ready for packing.

We pack Rwanda cucumber in flat cartons of 5/9th-bushel size with a capacity for 9 kilograms. We also provide larger consignments of ½ bushel size that can handle up to 18 kilograms. Alternatively, we offer carefully volume-filled packages that consist of 24 fruits in every box. We maintain interior linings in the cartons with film material to preserve the fresh condition of the produce. We finish the packing process by attaching produce labels inclusive of the name/variety, the net weight, and country of origin.

Our storage process of Rwanda cucumber begins immediately after the delivery of the unsorted produce to the warehouse. We keep these in a cool, dry environment in the temperature extent of 10 to 13 degrees Celsius. We maintain the relative humidity pretty high at 95%.

We convey the shipload of these squash family crops to the Kigali International Airport courtesy of our refrigerated trucks. You can, therefore, look forward to the arrival of the cargo in your city 24 to 48 hours from the dispatch date.

In short, you now have a reliable supplier of Rwanda cucumber right from the farming heartland of the country in the Great Lakes region. We source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. On the question of quantity, we maximize every shipment per your request by always having surplus harvests. We finalize each deal with custom prices that we tailor to your budget. Make an order today!

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