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We provide high-quality Rwanda common beans to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda common beans from family growers in the country.

Rwanda common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) or ibishyimbo in Kinyarwanda is an essential legume in the country. It doubles as a primary staple in family cuisine and a surplus cash generating crop. It enjoys higher acreage in the land of a thousand hills than any other crop apart from maize. The primary nutrient from the plant is protein. It provides about 80% of the daily requirements of this body-building nutrient. The Rwandese rate of eating beans ranks higher than many other countries in Africa between 200 and 300 grams per capita per day.

The advent of the common bean in Rwanda was in 1920 from the Belgian Congo economic and agricultural department. It later developed into a number of cultivars, some which are subspecies including kidney bean and other types. The origin of the bean itself was the Andes Mountains of Southern America.

We source Rwanda common beans from the Northern and Eastern provinces of the country which have the highest production margins. Our family growers intercrop the nitrogen-fixing legume with maize and wheat. They use chemical sprays sparingly and reduce their dependence on commercial fertilizers in favor of farmyard manure.

We harvest Rwanda common beans when the leaves have wilted and the pods almost browned. This is after around 55 days from the date of planting.  Though the pods can undergo an earlier harvest before seed development to provide snap beans, we forgo this stage to let the beans turn mature. We cut off the entire plant at the base or even uproot it. We can also opt to cut each stalk bearing several pods and then deliver them to the packing shed for sorting and packing.

We thresh Rwanda common beans through hand means and at urgent times mechanically. The manual method includes applying a rolling pin gently on the stalks and pods that lie between a mat and a tarpaulin. We collect the undone pods and unzip any unopened ones. For the mechanical alternative, we go for the thresher which removes the pod and later winnows the seeds of any specks.

We sort the manually and mechanically-threshed common beans to remove any sand, dirt or debris that still clings. Our manual winnowing involves blowing the harvest in the wind so that the light specks fly off and leave the beans intact. We then deliver them to the sorting area where we remove misshapen, diseased, discolored and any malformed piece. The rest go into the final conveyor belt for packing.

We pack Rwanda common beans in jute bags, nylon sacks and produce cartons of various dimensions. The primary measure, however, is 50 kilograms net weight, especially for the woven sacks and bags. For the cartons, we have a standard measure of 6.8 kilograms. Our flexible boxes can contain up to 11.7 kilograms at a time. The most significant capacity for the box is around 14 kilograms. After sealing each of the packages, we present it to the labeling area where we apply self-adhesive labels of the name, net weight, the country of origin and the packing date.

We store Rwanda common beans in a cool, dry environment away from weevils and light. We maintain a mean temperature of around 7 degrees Celsius which can go up to 10 degrees Celsius.

We transport Rwanda common beans via our hydro-cooled vehicles that deliver them to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing. You can expect the cargo to reach your destination in the next 24 to 48 hours after dispatch.

If you would like to avail one of the most popular and essential food crops in the world, then you might as well start with our Rwanda common bean. We source the legume from family growers who have undergone training and acquired certificates for Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We keep the quantity correct per your stipulations by directing our farmers to grow surplus during the high season. You are also welcome to sample our prices which we keep low to make them affordable for every buyer. Make an order today!

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