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We provide high-quality Rwanda cauliflower to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda cauliflower from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda cauliflower (Brassica oleracea) is a cabbage family vegetable with an exceptional look, principally the whitish, pinkish or purplish curd surrounded by bushy leaves. It is an everyday staple in salad making for the ‘cheese head,’ or domed curd is as tasty as it is nutritious. Although a relatively new plant in Rwanda, the cauliflower has been in cultivation for 2000 years.  The Cypriots and Greeks grew it under the warm Mediterranean climate as early as 1 A.D. Indeed, Roman poets of the age called it the sweetest vegetable from the cabbage group.

The high nutrition of Rwanda cauliflower lies in the water content: at 92 g/100g, this represents 98% of the daily water requirements in the body. The leading vitamin is C for boosting immunity at 58% of the daily value. Vitamin K represents about 15% of the daily requirements, a good enough margin for enhancing blood clotting abilities. Potassium, on the other hand, peaks at 10% per serving, a fair enough margin for balancing the electrolytes in blood and regulating blood pressure.

We source cauliflower from Rwanda’s northwestern district of Rubavu. Here, family growers keep less than two acres of land to grow the commercial vegetable. They take advantage of the relatively cool climate that verges around 20 degrees Celsius to cultivate the crop. The farmers practice organic farming including little use of chemical sprays and reliance on farmyard manure.

We harvest Rwanda cauliflower when the heads are quite mature. Our trained farmhands go for curds that have turned their maturity color like white with leafy green foliage towering around the heads. The workers slash the bases of heads with a width of 15 centimeters. They retain a tiny bit of the stalk for handling. The curd, stalk and foliage combination goes into gunny bags where the team blows cool air at 0 degrees Celsius. This removes field heat and readies the crop for the post-harvest handling.

We trim any foliage that overruns the curd of our harvested cauliflower. We check for suitable size, uniform shape and healthy color in each selection. We transfer the sorted harvest immediately afterward to the packing area.

We pack Rwanda cauliflower in at least three ways. We can choose to go for cartons that carry about nine properly-trimmed heads. We can also opt for 12 heads per carton. For this choice, we leave much of the foliage untrimmed over the heads. The final option is that of 15 heads. The selections also receive only minor trimming.

We keep the fresh Rwanda cauliflower whether packed or not at 0 degrees Celsius. During packing, we maintain this routine by pre-cooling the boxes at this zero degrees level. We place ice on each packed crate to allow 99% freshness index of the vegetable upon arrival.

Our storage temperature for Rwanda cauliflower is around 0 degrees Celsius. We maintain the cargo in film-wrapped boxes under dimly-lit conditions. We transport them in refrigerated trucks to the airport in Kigali under similar controlled temperatures as in the cold room. You can expect the arrival of the produce at your city in the next 24 to 48 hours.

In short, if you are in search of fresh Rwanda cauliflower, look no further than us. We source the commercial vegetable from family growers in Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locations in the country. We match your quantity expectations by being handy with the surplus in every season courtesy of our family growers. On the question of price, you can expect the most affordable rates that reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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