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We provide high-quality Rwanda grapefruit to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda grapefruits from family growers in the country.

A citrus family staple, Rwanda grapefruit resembles its orange cousin including its yellow color.  There are also variations that are purple-colored, whitish, reddish and pinkish. The distinguishing factor, however, is the bittersweet taste. In Rwanda, the fruit grows in many parts in the west and the southern highlands. The fruit, along with other citrus varieties, came to Rwanda in the 1930s through missionaries and traders.  Though there is evidence that about eight million years ago there were grapefruit traces in the Himalayas, it was not until 1600s A.D., when Indonesia introduced this modern-day hybrid of a Barbados orange and a pomelo.

Consumption of grapefruit is a leeway into immunity against diseases due to the 52 percent of vitamin C per serving. The daily proportion of vitamin B-6 is 5 percent of the daily value while that of vitamin A is 23 percent.  The magnesium and calcium margins are about 2 percent per serving. There is also a dietary fiber margin of 6 percent that aids in digestion. The fruit also provides a competitive portion of energy worth 11 grams per 100 grams of the fruit. Grapefruit in its juice form is also a good remedy against tumors due to its ample antioxidant contents.

We source Rwanda grapefruit from the western parts of the country, especially Karongi district. Here, citrus family growers cultivate it alongside other temperate fruits. We only keep in contact with family growers with less than 2 acres of land. We also work with only partners who use farmyard manure to keep their fields well nourished. Besides, they stay off chemical sprays in favor of other pest-eradication methods.

We pick Rwanda grapefruit when there is a trace of color change from green to yellow through half of its surface area. We use hand means to pluck off the fruits while retaining the stalk for handling purposes. We keep aside any overripe fruit for grapefruit juice production. All the rest easily come off in clusters. Our team conveys them in baskets via carts to the farm-based packinghouse for same day packing.

We then wash the Rwanda grapefruit harvest carefully in purified water to extract any dirt clinging to the pores of the fruit. Our expert sorting team uses soft-bristled brushes to scrub off the skin clean gently. We also use chlorinated water to rinse the drupes after the tedious but careful brushing process.

We grade the grapefruits immediately after rinsing the water off them. We keep different colors or varieties together. We also grade the fruits by their blemish-free appearance, size, and shape.

We pack Rwanda grapefruit in 4/5th-bushel size flat cardboard boxes. We have two different packing sizes: the basic pack is made of 23 fruits, and we call it size 23. The more significant alternative is size 56 with fifty-six fruits in each package. We only use corrugated cartons that are well secured by sealing tape to prevent accidental spillage. We use clear labels including the country of origin, the fruit’s color and the net weight.

We store Rwanda grapefruits in the temperature range of 5 degrees Celsius. We use transportation that comes equipped with refrigeration equipment to maintain freshness. Expect the package to reach you in the next one or two days from Kigali International Airport. If you are looking for a fruit whose juice can mix well with your cherry-derived coffee as they do in Kigali coffee shops, then you need to opt for our Rwanda grapefruit. We source the fruits from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers who guarantee quality. We also go for the correct tonnage by directing our partners to produce the surplus by your order date. Our prices are quite affordable as we tailor them to your budget. This is why you need to make an order today!

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