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We provide high-quality Rwanda tree tomato to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda tree tomato from family growers in the country.

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Rwanda tree tomato (Cyphomadra betacea/Solanum betaceum) or tamarillo is one of the most blood red fruits that one can eat. The fruits are egg-shaped and usually red or yellow when ripe. Sometimes the skin may have faint stripes of black that look like veins. During its unripe period, the fruit is greenish-white in color. Regarding growth size, the tree can reach a height of five meters.

Although it is native to the Andes countries in South America, the tree tomato is now widely available in Australia, New Zealand and African countries, including Rwanda.  The fruit’s name in Kinyarwanda is ibinyomoro. A premium cash crop, the fruit costs about 1300 Rwandese Francs per kilo in most seasons.

Eating the tree tomato provides a ready source of water which forms 81 to 87 percent of the total weight. The protein content is 1.5 to 2.5 percent of the entire dry matter. Vitamin A represents 1.48 mg in each 100 g. Vitamin C can peak at 57.8 mg per 100 g during the best conditions. Calcium, which promotes teeth enamel health, can reach 11.3 mg per 100 g during the peak of a good season.  The same applies to bone-strengthening magnesium and anemia-controlling iron at 22.3 and 0.94 mg/100g respectively. The highly acidic fruit can reach an acidity level of 2.4 units.

We source Rwanda tree tomato in the country’s northwest and the west. These regions have a cool climate that adheres to the tree’s love for mild weather. Our family sources grow them under farmyard manure and apply little or no chemical sprays.  To better manage their fruit trees, the farmers keep no more than 2 acres of orchard area.

We harvest Rwanda tree tomato about 24 months from the planting date.  Our team of experienced workers look for red or yellow fruits with a bloated but firm texture. They pick the mature and slightly ripe fruits by a tug of the hand. They retain the stalk on each fruit to ensure that it does not peel off with a piece of the tamarillo’s skin. The fresh harvest then features in produce baskets for delivery to the sorting area.

We incorporate  both automated and manual means to sort and grade tree tomato. Our manual method involves first washing the fruits in purified water. After this, our gloved workers select the fruits by size, maturity, and bruise-free appearance. They do away with immature, tiny, soft and overripe pieces. Our automated sorting equipment on the other hand washes and then sorts the fruits by size for easy grading by the workers. The graded selections then go to the packing shed.

We pack Rwanda tree tomato in 4-quart horizontal boxes. We also have half bushel size wooden crates that provide safe handling for the fruits. We line each box with soft wax cloth or film to prevent dehydration.

We store Rwanda tree tomato at the temperature range of between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius. We maintain a relative humidity of 65 percent. We use designate transport means to bring the produce to the airport in Kigali. You can expect the consignment to reach your destination in the next one or two days depending on your location around the globe.

Therefore, if you would like to avail one of the most important solanum family crops, you might as well try our Rwanda tree tomato. Our produce comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. This gives it a quality guarantee as it has less than 0.01 percent of residual levels. Additionally, we realize the same quantity as you order as we always direct our family sources to produce the surplus. We seal the deal with very affordable prices. Make an order today!

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