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We provide high quality Ethiopia snow peas to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia snow peas from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia snow peas (Pisum sativum var. saccharatum) are some of the most abundant legumes in East Africa. Ethiopia ranks alongside South Africa, Kenya, France, Zimbabwe and Western Australia as among the leading producers around the globe. Beside sugar snaps, snow peas (mangetouts) form Ethiopia account for 162 metric tons of yearly exports to especially South Africa and the European Union. Estimates place the exports to be usually worth five hundred thousand euro.

The first snow peas came from southern Europe in the Mediterranean basin. The Romans started it all with thirty-seven diverse varieties. Europeans may have given the legume its name from either its slightly greenish white reflection in the path of light or the fact that it survives even during wintry conditions. How the mangetout came to Ethiopia is not clear but the country is now a proud producer.

We source our snow peas from two main growing areas of central Ethiopia on a westerly Oromia zone route. These include Bilo and Holeta. When one visits these parts, it is easy to understand why the country is an African leader in their export next to South Africa. Family growers and the emerging plantation owners exercise extreme diligence at planting the best legumes, water them regularly and use only natural manure to keep them organic. They also use strings to support the plants in their search for light.

The popularity of snow peas lies in their low fat and high protein content. They also consist of low cholesterol that provides good heart health. They feature in many Western dishes including the one mediterranean menu consisting of buttered skillet with garlic and sprinklings of the cut green pods.

Many of the buyers of the Ethiopia snow peas come through regional Kenya. They work with cooperatives and send their representatives here for selecting the produce for reexport in Nairobi.

On our part, we use the most accredited workers to harvest the snow peas from central Ethiopia. We usually select pods that have just slightly bloated with medium-sized peas. If seeds get too large, they may not be edible. We also consider quick orders because of the fact that snow peas lose flavor with long storage and thus the need to pack them immediately after reaping.

Due to their affinity for maturing at different times, the snow peas season can extend to three or four months at a time. This ensures a continuous supply period especially during the season of winter when France, a European grower, experiences shortage.

In case of delay after harvest, we immediately store the perishable pods at 0 °C. This precaution has the affinity to keep the field aroma intact, maintain the taste and extend the shelf life of the Ethiopia snow peas. This also prevents decrement in weight, which findings show reduces by 2.2 percent for every hour the fresh produce keeps without cooling, after reaping.

The packing process includes the use of crates with solid ice inside the wrapping material or over the crate. The same goes during the transportation from the farm to the airport. Our packages include a flat box with ventilation holes that can contain 20 bundles. The container usually has waxing inside to preserve the quality of the Ethiopia snow peas bundles. 64 of such boxes can fit into a large pallet for safe transportation.

Therefore, our Ethiopia snow peas not only come from the best organic sources but have the mark of quality of the Ethiopian highlands. We preserve them in the best cooling areas, and during transportation, insert cooling material to preserve the taste and the aroma and extend their freshness upon arrival. You can expect the most competitive prices for our mangetouts which have less than the recommended levels of minimum residual levels (MRLs). Make your order today and we will be happy to serve you!

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