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We provide high quality Ethiopia firethorns to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia firethorns from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia firethorn is an evergreen twining small bushy tree with beautiful flowers and extremely red fruits. The berries cloud in vines the same way as strawberries, almost drowning the thorny green leaves surrounding them. The plant rarely grows to more than 6 meters high although it can remain as dormant as six hundred centimeters high. The hardy plant does well in the dry parts of Ethiopia where there is plenty of sunshine.

The first civilized cultivation of the firethorn shrub (Pyacantha coccinea) was in the 1600s in southwestern Europe. In that continent, the shrub flowers in the end of summer with the fruit season being in fall, but it cannot produce well in the midst of winter. This is why most importers look southward to tropical lands where the berries are available due to the lush sun. Ethiopia and southeastern Asia are the main subtropical producers of the fruit.

The Ethiopia firethorn has many utilities, one of these being human consumption. However, because of the toxicity of the raw berries, the fruit first undergoes thorough washing and crushing. Alternately, it features in jelly making or even in cooking. The firethorn is best for its antioxidant qualities that fight radicals that cause cancer. The plant also has landscaping and ecological uses. For instance, the plants twine over walls, producing an often hard-to-prune natural and thorny wall cover. Insects and birds use them as nesting, breeding and pollinating sites.

Because of their thorny barriers, harvesting Ethiopia firethorn is a tedious process. However, our experts guide family growers on how to select only the berries that have changed from green to a bright red or pink. The other telltale sign is the onset of birds that eat away at the ripening fruits. Our farmhands then use thick gloves to start cutting clusters of the fruits. We use clippers to slice off a little stem that attaches to the point where the berries and the stems meet. We place them in well saturated baskets. Our harvesting process takes place only in the morning hours when the sun is just mild, to conserver field freshness.

During the packing process, we select at least three cups of the fruits, which are enough to produce two pints of the fruit’s jerry. We pack them in small packets after removing the berries off their clusters. You can request for anything from small gram sizes to kilograms or even tons for custom delivery by air of the table berries.

We provide Ethiopia firethorn as both fruits and potable plants. We ship anything from around 11 kilograms to 3.5 kilos and above of these plants per size package. In form of fruits, we also ship them in crushed form in packets of several grams of weight. In certain cases, we also produce jerry that is 100 percent natural.

You can request for our Ethiopia firethorn that has undergone natural growth in Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) farms in the dry parts of the country where the firethorn is native. We provide competitive prices for our clients, with a guarantee of quality parameters. Depending on your destination, we can provide the fruits speedily for you to enjoy while still fresh. Do make an order today!

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