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We provide high quality Ethiopia red onions to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia red onions from family growers in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia red onion (Allium cepa) is characterized by a reddish peel or outer skin color that has some hints of purple in it. It consists of a bulb that has reddish or whitish flesh that serves in virtually all fried dishes in the country, with the most common being doro wat or chicken stew and lentil stew, among others.

We source Ethiopia onions in onion-growing places of the country. These include Tigray, a hilly northern Ethiopian region that has little spare area for growing crops but which has some of the best onions in the land. Family growers make 35 percent of their subsistence farming income from two main cash crops, onions and tomatoes, which they grow in less than a hectare of land. The specific areas in Tigray include Wukro and May Nigus. In Amhara, we source our onions from Koga. The Oromia zone supplies both red onions and garlic, principally from Megech, Waro and Meki areas. Most of our produce grows under canal irrigation which transports vital mineral sediments to the plants, apart from Meki where pipe irrigation is an emerging form.

The most nutritious benefits of the red onion are the flavonoids or extra nutrients that help to lower blood sugar in diabetics. They also have high levels of dietary fiber. The main vitamins include B6 and folate while Vitamin C is in high content. Minerals for strong bones include manganese. Their main culinary use is for frying other food ingredients. They feature in grills, light cooking and as a final decorative element in fresh cut rings on salads. Though also eaten uncooked, they are most sumptuous when they turn brownish in a dish.

Our produce agents supervise the proper harvesting of Ethiopia red onions. This occurs around 100 days from the date of transplanting. The family growers only harvest the crop when the leaves change from green to yellowish or brownish hues. They then expose the bulbs for a few days before harvesting them in cured form. We also do the curing of the crop in the farm by arranging the onions on a dry piece of land soon after uprooting. We then pack them in a spacious shed for further curing to remove much of the moisture. Our transportation from the farm to the packing shed is usually in meshed baskets or open crates. We store them at temperatures between 0 to 4° Celsius before shipment.

We pack our Ethiopia red onions in dried form to prevent spoilage en-route as the vegetable loses much of its pungent smell when well-dried. We first cure and grade the onions before packing them in mesh bags. The most common standards can consist of either 25-pound (12.5-kilo) or 50-pound (25-kilo) weights for ease of transportation. The ventilation of the mesh bags provides good air flow into the produce.

For export into different countries that require flexible packaging, like the US, we provide diverse kinds of mesh bag sizes which can be as small as 2 pounds per bag to as high as 50 pounds, per package. The 2-pound to 5-pound bag options are for pre-packed while the largest sizes of 40 pounds and above are for direct shipping. We also pack large-sized forty-pound Ethiopia red onions in ventilated cartons.

Thus, this is the best time to make an order for red onions from Ethiopia. Because the Ahferom region of Tigray produces an average of 4 tons per hectare, you can request multi-tonnage shipments from this mainly family-growers area or any other part from where we source the produce. All the shipments undergo phytosanitary control, including check-up that it does not surpass more than 0.01 percent of farm spray residue. Our prices are among the most competitive in the market, while our quality is always guaranteed. For more information or to make an order, contact us today.

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