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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya apple banana to both the local and export markets at fair prices in line with our mission. We source our Kenya apple banana from family growers.

The Kenya apple banana is a fruit of a kind that can serve as a tropical banana to some and leave a taste in some people as a budding apple. Indeed, the reason it uses the two fruit terms is that when it is still tender, it has some nuances of an apple but once it matures, it takes to the aroma and deliciousness of a pineapple or strawberry or simply banana.

The apple banana, before finding its permanent home in Kenya first appeared in the Americas. Its major modern homes include the US state of Hawaii in the Pacific and the Philippines and it is available throughout the world of subtropical climates like south east Asia, Africa and Central America.

Etymologically, the apple banana got its scientific name, latundan from its discoverer, Claude Letoundal who came to India of French ancestry before propagating the apple banana in the Philippines where it became easily the fruit of the country in the banana family.

In comparison to common bananas like East Africa’s matoke, apple bananas contain advanced levels of Vitamin C for improved immunity and Vitamin A for better sight. Apple banana’s high fiber content makes the fruits a great solution in overcoming digestive disorders. It contains 0% cholesterol, making it a great food to combat heart disease. With an Iron level of 11%, the Kenya apple banana serves nearly the same purpose as milk in strengthening bones and improving immunity.

Apple banana will work best for those who want to make desserts because it is quite soft when ripe and does not disintegrate easily into crumbs. You can include the bananas into such foods as hot stew to add savoriness to the otherwise common taste of meat. It can also serve as a delicious escape for gourmets who want to find a contrast to the spice-rich food like ginger and capsicum or chili for it offers a healthy taste balance.

Kenya apple bananas grow best in areas that are well-drained with plenty of annual rainfall. The crop attains maturity when it is at a maximum height of 13 feet. Sun intake is essential because the fruits must turn yellow under the spotlight of the sun. The best climates are usually in Western Kenya and Nyanza where the altitudes are high and rainfall distribution is even throughout the growing season.

The appearance of flowers on bananas and hands (stalks that hold the fruits) are some of the precursors of reproduction in apple bananas. This takes place without visible pollination since the plant has no seeds. When the hands integrate into bunches, it is time to prepare for maturity in a few months’ time, normally four to six months soon after they burst into flower. The flowering of the apple banana is symbolized by whitish, yellow-colored or purple-colored flowers depending on variety.

Maintenance of apple bananas is an important factor especially in the fight against panama disease, an important factor to family growers in the Western highlands of the country. This Fusarium wilt is best controlled by:

Quarantine: by removing the trunks that have signs of the disease, you will not only avoid the
use of fungicides but you will help improve the health of the remaining trees.
Culture conditioning: this is a method of doing away completely with all remainders of the
disease by incinerating every dead tree to keep it completely under control.

You do not have to cut trunks of banana trees during pruning as these are the ones that form the herbaceous backdrop of growth. You will need them for bearing fruits the next year. If you need to prune, just cut off any of the outlying or fallen trunks, as well as, the rotten leaves.

Harvesting mature Kenya apple bananas usually takes place when the fruits in clusters have turned from green to a few shades of black. The yellowing will take place soon after storage, and therefore it is recommended to keep them under good housing in a cool dry place to prevent poor or early ripening from heat. When fully mature, the fruits usually measure 4 to 5 inches in length.

You can distinguish Kenya apple bananas in the market by their generally small sizes and a cluster of many beautiful, yellow and firm fruits. Their taste is usually apple-nuanced, especially when tender – another distinguishing factor.

Whether you want to import high quality apple bananas from Kenya or need to them for the local market, Selina Wamucii is ready to deliver.

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