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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya baby corn to the local and export market. We source our Kenya baby corn from family growers in Kenya.

Baby corn is the only maize produce that is ready to consume in raw form in its entirety. All parts from the comb to the sweet grains go into consumption. This is unlike other corns which have hard combs that a human cannot bite into, let alone digest.

In order to obtain a high level of freshness, softness and sweet flavor, Kenya baby corn should be ready for harvest when it is still immature and quite small. The first indication of harvest time is when the stalks of the maize bloat out a little and the ears show up. This ensures that the cob is well developed and has plenty of maize grains on it ready for consumption.

Kenya baby corn can be enjoyed when it is still raw as the grain is quite sweet and milky to the tooth. It can also be cooked, with the most obvious choices being in stir fry menus.

The growth method of baby corn in most parts of the world, not only Kenya is quite fascinating. Farmers tend to choose a holistic baby corn that produces a pure variety of the crop. Generally, all corn in the field is usually typical corn only that its harvesting period is when it is still not mature. This method is key to producing an extra number of ears in comparison that involves cultivating a hybrid crop whereby the lower ears of the maize plant will produce baby corn whereas the upper ear will be left to mature and become a field variety of corn.

Selina Wamucii’s vetted family growers follow important procedures during harvesting of Kenya baby corn. They usually pick the corn by hand immediately after the powdery silk peeks from inside the ears. This can be done at once or a couple of days thereafter. The maturity duration of corn is quite fast, and for this reason, our farmers find it necessary to go into the field on time to ensure that some ears do not over-mature as they no longer will be baby corn. The size of a fully developed comb is usually 1.8 to 3.9 inches, from the tip to stalk and more than half an inch in width.

Baby corn provides starch that is on the same track as a green vegetable with its little starch content. Thus, eating baby corn gives a person a healthy, high carb diet. With low carb and high fiber content, this corn gives a thin body with the nutritional value of feeling filled, a requirement for maintaining good metabolism rather than stuffing with snacks.

Kenya baby corn is also a great source of protein. With its almost zero percent content of fat and high levels of protein, it helps build new cells in the body and heal wounds. Baby corn provides around 2% of vitamin C daily value, while boosting eyesight with vitamin A worth of 4% of daily value. With 4% daily value of iron, immature corn helps improve bone structure and maintain strong.

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