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The zesty explosion in your mouth as you delicately take on a slice of Kenya green mango heralds memories of happy holidays spent with grandparents. You pride yourself in the fact that you are able to preserve some of your green mangos in a vinegar-lime pickle that tastes exactly like your grandmother’s. A favorite side-dish to any of your savoury dishes, it is a must-have in your home at any given time.

Selina Wamucii grows these green mangoes with expert hands and delicate care, ensuring that you have the choicest Kenya green mangoes to pick from when placing your orders. This delicious under-ripe fruit is not only a delicacy when ripened to its full golden glory, as many nations have discovered the refreshing qualities of its green state. Rich in Vitamin C, the unripened state of the mango goes a long way in keeping your digestion system running smoothly as well. It is also known to aid those who live in the warmer climates retain water more efficiently, therefore, a lack of water is somewhat alleviated.

Apart from the health benefits, Kenya green mangoes are tasty in dishes. Some Eastern dishes use the green mango as the main ingredient to a mango curry. Other dishes include green mango pickles, preserves and is even served fried as a tasty treat. Another favourite of those who have discovered the beauty of this fruit is simply boiling it with some spices to make delicious tea.

At Selina Wamucii, great pride is taken in the fact that these trees are nurtured to produce only the best fruits. It is a social responsibility to only present customers with ethically grown, sustainable produce. GAP conditions are strictly followed to ensure quality, but the proof is literally in the stewed-Kenyan-green-mango-and-raisin-pudding your customers will whip up shortly after taking delivery of their purchases.

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