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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya beetroot to the local and export market. We source our Kenya beetroot from family growers in Kenya.

Kenya beetroot is a hearty nutritious vegetative fruit with a healthy pink color at the fruit, root and stem with the leaves a clear green. The tuber can also feature common colors including red, white or gold.

We source Kenya beetroot from the best family growers’ areas in the country. These areas have the weather and soil parameters that are conducive for proper development of the plant. The vegetable requires moderately cool climate with some moderate sun levels of around 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. It continues to thrive the whole year under a perpetual supply of water, usually in trenches with spacing between them being 30 centimeters. Each seedling, however, needs but 10 centimeters from the other, all in loamy or slightly sandy soil with average PH of 6.0.

Maintenance of Kenya beetroot is essential if the crop is to produce good yields. For instance, the onset of weeds begins early because of the waterlogged nature of the furrows and thus the need to use proper de-weeding means. Most of our family growers use their own hands to de-weed instead of using commercial agents.

The beetroot from Kenya is a highly nutritious plant and the following is a list of some of its healthy effects on an individual who consumes it as a fruit, cooked vegetable salad or processed juice, regularly:

Lowers high blood pressure: According to 2010 findings, using beetroot as a juice concentrate brought down high blood levels down considerably in surveyed individuals. The conclusion is that the nitrate compound in the fruit combats bad cholesterol, thus fighting heart disorders.

Combats Dementia: Dementia is a condition of the brain that occurs when there is low oxygen in the cells, a condition that is possible to overcome by consuming juice form this fruit.

Fights diabetes: unlike the other subspecies in the beetroot family that have high amounts of sugar, Kenya beetroot consists of mainly unsaturated sugar levels that contain alpha-lopic, an acid that actually brings down high sugar content in blood.

Improves athleticism: As a staple of starch, beetroot contains considerable levels of energy-giving components coupled with nitrate juice that provides oxygen to muscles.

Enhances digestion: Due to its fiber composition, beetroot improves digestion and combats such stomach disorders as constipation.

Additionally, with its 88 percent water content, you do not need to add more water to the juice of Kenya beetroot to enjoy the drink.

There are various culinary uses of Kenya beetroot depending on the region of the world where it features in diet. In the Far-east, folks use the leaves as part of the meal. Its roots, though not edible, feature in food coloration due to their high chemical levels. You can pickle, boil or stir fry beetroot depending on your taste.

Whether in fresh fruit or juice form, we have it all. We serve the world with the best Kenya beetroot that we source in its freshest form from our dedicated family growers. Make your order today!

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