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Lily-like in appearance yet honed out with a firmFresh green Kenya asparagus, tapered, branched out exterior, a single Kenya asparagus may appear one formidable little soldier but it take
s a harvest of many in a bunch to make up the difference. Indeed, Selina Wamucii, a proud provider of Kenya asparagus straight from family growers, bundles the best, non-enriched, natural asparagus ready for export worldwide. We also serve the local market through market retailer programs.

With its famously low sodium levels but plenty of magnesium and calcium, asparagus is mineral-rich for your daily bone and cell development needs. Major ingredients include Vitamins A, B6 (this in plenty) and C. With little fat and virtually no cholesterol, this vegetable is your ticket to cutting weight and remaining fit for life.

Used widely as a herbal extract in ancient times, asparagus emanated from the Nile valley around 3 millennia BC, spread in Asia Minor before finding its way to Franco-European monastery gardens in the 15th century. It was not till mid-19th century that Americans began to use it. Royalty revelled in the vegetable with Madame de Pompadour’s legendary love for the vegetable’s sumptuous tip coming to mind. France’s King Louis XIV went even further and named asparagus “the king of vegetables.” The Roman emperor Caesar Octavian Augustus also said: “velocius quam asparagus conguantur!”, literal for , “Quicker than cooking asparagus,”, a light dismissal to the effect that, “be ready and gone already!” Roman emperors were so in love with this delicious and savory vegetable that they had special ‘asparagus squad’ whose only task was to travel and collect only the best of the vegetable in the Empire. My, had they chastened their palates with our delicious and rich Kenya asparagus, wouldn’t they have honed out new empires!

Exporting far and wide

Currently serving as the proud ‘asparagus squad’ of modern times, Selina Wamucii is now taking over the wand of nutrition so that you can also feel like Caesar when taking fresh Kenya asparagus.

Our family grown Kenya asparagus grows in the rich, soft and fertile ground of the highlands of Kenya where it utilises the iodine-rich soil as natural manure. Selina Wamucii’s family growing communities propagate a rich culture of taking good care of the crop.

Whichever type is your favourite, we have a horde of Kenya asparagus at Selina Wamucii and we’ll be rightly glad to make it yours.

If royalty surrounded themselves with a lily-like plant, and if writers like the Great French writer, Marcel Proust, who penned Remembrance of Things Past, could comment on bowel-related parodies of consuming asparagus; why not make it yours also?

Selina Wamucii welcomes you to order Kenya asparagus – this incredibly healthy, tasty, delicious produce that was adored by history’s rulers and empires. It’s our duty to send it, wherever you want it.