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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya Cantaloupe watermelon to the local and export market. We source our Kenya Cantaloupe watermelon from family growers in Kenya.

Kenya Cantaloupe watermelon is a highly sumptuous, succulent fruit of the watermelon family whose name ‘cantaloupe’ derives from an Italian urban center, Cantaloupo. The town acted as the first well-known cultivation area when papacy, which wielded a lot of power in those days, brought the seed from Eastern Europe and grew it in the town in the 14th and 15th centuries A.D. It is not clear about the original home of cantaloupe melons but evidence points to Africa where the fruit is still abundant, though some sources point to Central Asia as the source that later dispersed into Africa. In botanical terms, the fruit comes from the cucurbit genus featuring pumpkins, squash and gourds as well as countless varieties of watermelons.

We consolidate Kenya Cantaloupe watermelon from the best family growers in the country, especially warm areas that give the crop at least 90 days continuous sunshine. This ensures that the melon will develop into a pleasant yellowish brown color when it is fully mature.

Propagation of Kenya Cantaloupe watermelon is not challenging if there is plenty of properly decomposed livestock manure. Farmers usually feature about 4 inches in depth of this organic compost into the loam soil to give the plant room for spreading. Once it begins its growth, the vines usually go in all directions, thus requiring plenty of water to allow proper yields. 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature.

Each plant develops at least 36 inches from the other. There are also ways in which family growers reduce acreage by confining their melons into fenced off areas where the vines climb around eight feet high and spread three times that length and thus make good yields even in a small space.

All our Kenya Cantaloupe watermelons come from organic cultivation practices. Right from flowering where bees do the work of pollinating male pollen onto the budding female flowers, to the prevention of weeds naturally by watering only the right amount of water and plucking off the weeds by hand, the plants have no trace of inorganic material in them.

Nutritional facts:

Vitamin A: Despite the dull yellow color of Cantaloupe, it is still as good as a pineapple, orange or other bright colored fruits at providing carotenoids, the rich part of Vitamin A. This helps improve sight.

Lowers probability of metabolic syndrome: studies in Iran showed that most of the women who had better metabolism levels were more often consuming cantaloupe melon than their counterparts who didn’t.

Antioxidants: as a rich source of antioxidants, the fruit helps to overcome toxins that allow the growth of tumors that lead into cancer.

Heals swelling: courtesy of its fiber and antioxidant content, this fruit offers a way out from inflammation of skin and other parts of the body.

Maturity indicators include transformation of the fruit from a dusty green color to a yellowish shade. This will later be succeeded by some clearly visible netting on the skin.

We ensure strict harvesting, transportation and storage of Kenya Cantaloupe watermelons to reduce damage for such big fruits.

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