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We provide high-quality Rwanda snow peas to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda snow peas from family growers in the country.

Rwanda snow pea (Pisum sativum var.saccharatum) or snap pea is a legume whose pods undergo eating when still immature. Its other name is mangetout, the French word for ‘eat-all.’  The biggest producers of the crop are in the sub-tropical world despite this vegetable being home to temperate conditions. It is a common find throughout Asia, France, Western Australia, East Africa, and Southern Africa.

The snow pea is a historically recent crop that began earnest cultivation from 1 A.D., in southern Europe.  The Roman civilization of the era grew some 37 varieties in the warm, mild climate of the Mediterranean at the time. The most common attributions for the use of the term ‘snow’ is the fact that it survives extremely cold spells, while at other times it displays specks of white under light reflection.

Eating snow peas offers a ready source of vitamin C, which provides 72% of the daily needs of this immunity-boosting nutrient. Its second most significant component is vitamin K which helps heal wounds as it comes at a concentration of 24% of the daily value. The level of pantothenic acid is 15% while that of thiamin is 13%. The mineral department is headed by bone-strengthening magnesium at 12 %. Calcium which enhances the condition of teeth enamel is present at 4% of the daily value. Potassium, a mineral that balances blood electrolytes to perform such functions as pressure regulation and diuresis comes in with 4% daily value margins. The phosphorous margin comes in at 8% while magnesium with its bone health composition tails off at 7%.

We source Rwanda snow peas from all legume-growing areas of the country, particularly Gicumbi district in the Northern Province.  We only draw contracts with family growers who have less than 2 acres of land which they conserve with farmyard manure. We keep the fields well-maintained with little use of chemical sprays to prevent the buildup of residual levels.

We harvest Rwanda snow peas a week before the second month from the date of planting. For the late-maturing varieties, we wait for about two months before we do the picking. We opt for peas whose pods are flattened out and snap them with meticulous attention. We retain any bloated pod as this will go on to become a garden pea for threshing.

Our fresh harvest of snow peas undergoes quick pre-cooling after the harvest is over to prolong the shelf life. The cooling process reduces the weight loss that reaches 2.2% for every 2 hours the plant stays in the outdoors.  We maintain the freshness of the pods by making sure that there is no sunburnt pod amongst the final harvested batch.

We pack Rwanda snow peas in produce boxes that have a weight parameter of 4.5 kilos per package.  We wrap the bundles in polymethylpentene packing 20 such packages into a single vented carton. Our top ice placement helps to precool the produce to prevent the dehydration of the produce. We finalize the packing phase by attaching produce labels which include the name/cultivar, the net weight, and the source.

We store Rwanda snow peas in the temperature range of 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. This affords the produce a shelf life of about 14 days. We then convey the fresh produce cargo to the airport in Kigali courtesy of our hydro-cooled vehicles. You can expect the dispatch to make it to your destination in the space of the next 24 to 48 hours.

Therefore, we are your best-placed source of Rwanda snow peas as we have branches all over this Great Lakes region’s country. Whether you want the produce in the low or high season, we will provide it in fresh quality as we source it from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. This means that our crop is acceptable everywhere including the strict European Union market due to the less than 0.01% residual levels. We maintain your tonnage request by directing our farmers to grow surplus in time. Additionally, we tailor our prices to yours too so as not to break the bank. Make an order today!

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