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Varieties Plantain Cavendish Lady fingers
Common Names Banana
Packing Cartons Palletes
Size 40mm – 45mm Thick
Availability (season) Throughout the year
Transportation Conditions Controlled Temperature of 11°C
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Did you know that rubbing an itch, or a bug bite with the inside surface of a banana peel will help relive the discomfort? Cameroon bananas fruits are among the most popularly known and consumed fruit throughout the world, with more than 100 billion bananas consumed each year.

Musa Sapentium or simply bananas grow on herbaceous plant and not a tree as a majority of people assumes it. The banana plant can reach a height of up to 30 feet. A banana can be; red, yellow, green, purple, or even brown when it matures. The fruit grows in groups or clusters which are attached at the apex of the plant. 

Bananas originated from the South East Asia region as early as 327 B.C. The plant was later introduced to other areas by early missionaries and explorers. In the 15th century, bananas were introduced to West Africa. 

Cameroon is ranked 18th worldwide on the scale of banana production. Statistics indicate that more than 355,000 hectares of land is used for the growth of bananas in Cameroon. In Afro-Caribbean countries, Cameroon is the number one producer of bananas. 

Although largely successful, banana production in Cameroon has not been without hiccups. There have been attacks on farms and farmers, particularly those allied to Cameroon Development Cooperation, which has hampered the level of output. 

Cavendish – This is the most popular banana variety. When ripe, the fruit is bright yellow. 

Ladyfingers – This variety is also known as sweet bananas in some regions. The fruit is shorter, and as the name suggests, more delicious.

Plantain – The plantain variety is green in color. It is mostly consumed after cooking. 

Bananas in Cameroon are available throughout the year. The time of planting to harvest is about nine months to a year. The highest yield of bananas is realized when the plant is grown in rich and fertile soil.

Bananas also do well in regions that experience more than 2,500mm of rain yearly. Irrigation is used by Cameroonian farmers where the rainfall is not enough. Temperatures of between 22°C and 30°C are the optimum conditions for banana farming.  

The harvesting of bananas in Cameroon is done around two weeks before the banana ripens. Harvested bananas are stored in cold, dry storages to keep them fresh. Bananas are, in most times, packaged in boxes. These boxes are put onto pallets, which are then loaded in containers. 

Banana exports make up just over 2% of all products exported from Cameroon. More than 80 million tons of bananas are produced worldwide, but only 20% of this number is exported to other regions. Cameroon is among the largest exporter of bananas in Africa. In the first quarter of 2019, Cameroon exported 62, 961 tons of bananas. 

The availability of Cameroon bananas throughout the year is an added advantage that ensures that farmers and traders earn from the crop through the year. The demand and export market for Cameroon bananas is also continually expanding. 

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