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Varieties Smooth Cayenne Queen Sweet Sugar Loaf
Common Names Pineapple Ananas
Packing Corrugated Cartons Crates
Size Plant size 3ft – 6 ft Fruit size- 6-8
Availability (season) Throughout the year
Transportation Conditions 4°C - 12°C depending on the pineapple ripe levels
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Cameroon is a football powerhouse in Africa, but what most people might not know is that the central African country is also a pineapple powerhouse. Cameroon pineapples are some of the most delicious that you can get.  

Pineapples in Cameroon are mostly used for culinary purposes, although some of the harvests are used for industrial applications. On average, more than 300,000 tons of pineapples are produced annually in Cameroon.

The pineapple or Ananas Comosus is a plant that grows around tropical areas. The plant is mainly grown for its fruit, the pineapple. The plant can be described as a small shrub whose unpollinated flowers merge to form the pineapple fruit. A pineapple plant can have up to 200 flowers. The plant regenerates, which means that the crown, slip, or sucker of pineapple, is replanted to generate another pineapple. When fully matured, the pineapple plant can reach heights of up to six feet. 

Pineapples are indigenous to South America in an area between Brazil and Paraguay. The pineapple was introduced in Europe back in 17 BC; however, commercial production of the fruit did not start until the 1820s. 

The South-Central region of Bafia in Cameroon is the main area in the country where pineapples are cultivated. Pineapple farming in the country is mainly carried out by small scale farmers. 

The Cameroonian government has implemented a raft of measures to improve the value of pineapples in the country. Such measures include the formation of farmers’ societies and the construction of processing industries. Cameroon currently produces about 1.3% of all pineapples grown worldwide. Early traders and explorers from Portugal introduced the plant in African countries like Cameroon. 

The main variety of pineapples in Cameroon is the Smooth Cayenne. This pineapple variety is renowned for its sweetness due to its high sugar percentage and low levels of fiber. Other main varieties of pineapples grown in Cameroon include; Queen and Sweet Sugar Loaf. 

Cameroon experiences a wet climate throughout the year, which is fit for pineapple farming. The well-drained soils in Bafia and other pineapple growing regions also contribute to the success of the fruit in the country. Pineapples in Cameroon are available throughout the season but the peak season from November to April. 

Cameroon Pineapples are harvested just before they are ripe to allow the fruits to reach the market when still fresh. The harvesting process in Cameroon is mostly manual. The pineapples are packed cartons carrying 6 pineapples or crates and then transported for export under controlled temperatures. 

The export value of Cameroonian pineapples for the last was just above $4 million. The primary export market is in European countries, such as France and Belgium. 

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