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Produce South Africa Lemons
Varieties Genoa, Eureka, Lisbon, Lemoneira.
Common names Citrus Limon
Packing Per carton of 18kgs each
Size 18kgs
Availability August
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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South Africa Lemons are one of the most common citrus fruits globally. South Africa lemon is famous for its excellent quality. In South Africa, lemons are grown in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Limpopo.

Lemons are used in juices, sauces, and savory beverages. They can also be consumed in local form. Lemon is also a perfect meat tenderizer and also used to break down fats. Lemon is also used as a fragrance in soaps, hand wash, powder detergents, and even carbonated drinks.

In South Africa, lemons were planted along pavements before they were embraced as a commercial project.

The cape rough-skinned lemon is the oldest type of lemon in South Africa. It was introduced in 1654 from St Hellen. They were first grown to European traders who would come to South Africa to buy spice and silk.

There are four main varieties of lemons in South Africa.

Eureka: This I the most popular type. It covers over 80 percent of the total area cultivating lemons in South Africa. It is characterized by smooth skin and is known for its high juice percentage.

Lisbon: Lisbon is known for its cold resistance and bears fruits slightly rougher than the Eureka type.

Limoneira: This has almost the same qualities as the Lisbon type but is slightly larger.

Genoa: This type is known for carrying its fruits at the bottom of the branches hence protecting them from sunburns and high temperatures.

Lemons mostly start flowering in the spring season, they later ripen four to twelve months after. Once lemon fruits are two inches in diameter, they are ready for harvest. Lemon trees perform best in cool areas hence are not drought tolerant.

Harvesting is done by hand or using a sickle. They can last for quite some time before they go bad. Once harvested, the fruits are sorted and graded. They are then packed in plastic boxes of 18 kgs each and stored away from sunlight. They are then transferred to warehouses awaiting export.


South Africa exports an approximate of 137 Million boxes of lemons every year, making it one of the largest exporters of Lemon.

The leading importers of South Africa lemons are Europe and the Middle East. They are mainly transported through air as the sea takes quite a while.

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