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Varieties Astringent and Non-astringent
Packing 2 to 3 kilos of cardboard boxes
Storage 0 degrees Celsius
Size 1.5 to 9 cm
Availability April to August
Transportation conditions 0 degrees Celsius
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South Africa persimmons are fruits of jackal berry, which is found throughout Africa especially in the savannah where it thrives growing on termite’s mounds. It is eaten by many Africa tribal people as well as numerous animals, amongst these, the jackal, the trees’ namesake.

South Africa Persimmons trees can grow up to 80 feet in height but are more often around 15 to 18 feet high. The flowers are small but fragrant with separate genders growing on different trees. Male flowers grow in clusters while female flowers grow from a single hairy stalk — the tree bloom during the rainy season and then the female tree fruits during the dry season. Persimmon fruit is oval an inch across and yellow to yellow-green. The outer skin is hard, but the flesh is chalky inconsistency with a lemony, sweet taste. The fruit is eaten fresh or preserved, dried and grounded into flour or made into alcoholic beverages. 

Persimmon industry production is from Sharon fruit that was originally cultivated in Sharon valley in Israel. The industry was established in 1948 mainly due to initiative of Moor international, the Israel group responsible for marketing much of Israel astringent persimmon crop. They are mostly cultivated in the western cape of South Africa.  

The following are varieties of South African persimmons:

  1. Astringent; they are best picked and ripened for a few days until soft and nearly mushy before they are sweet enough to eat. They are the sweetest; richer and juicer than the non- astringents. They are sweet like maple syrup when ripe and quite enjoyable as a dried delicacy. Examples include kaki fruit, Sharon fruit and triumph.
  2. Non-astringent; can be eaten fresh right from the tree and are crisp like an apple and are more mellow sweet like cantaloupe or sugarcane. They include; FUYUS and three kinds of Jiro’s.

Persimmons are a natural fruit to grow in the Mediterranean area.  It is ideal for western regions like the Western Cape. They grow in areas with moderate winters and low spring temperatures the trees grow well in the traditional citrus area and require soil analysis; the soil should be well-draining sandy loam soil with a pH of 5.5 and 6.5. The trees are planted from autumn to spring, and each plant is provided with a supporting pole. Harvesting takes place from mid-April till the end of May and is available until August. Persimmons are usually packed single layer in cardboard boxes of 2 to 4 kgs with a plastic tray underneath. South Africa exports fresh persimmons to Germany, The UK, Spain and Israel 

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