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Varieties Red radish Pink Rose Scarlet Pure white Yellow and green
Size Not more than 15cm including the leaves
Season Between May and July
Storage The temperature of 5°C to 7°C
Transport Conditions Three weeks in refrigerated conditions of 5°C to 7°C
Packing Air-tight containers Netted bags
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The Brassicaceae family is where radish is classified under and, it is consumed raw as a salad vegetable. However, it has immense nutritional and health benefits because it is rich in several vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and magnesium. Their taproots are swollen and normally red in colour with leaves that can stretch out for 13cm.

They are available in different sizes, colour and flavour and, it is always up to the customer to choose what they prefer. The South Africa radish is popular in the country and foreign markets because of its diverse varieties and unique taste from the nation. It is possible for consumers to find them in most restaurants, although they can be purchased individually or in netted bags from a local retailer.

Radishes are popular among novice farmers because they are easy to plant and, it takes only two months for them to mature. The ease of their growth means that they are available throughout the year although the peak seasons when they are available are usually in the middle of the year. They can also be used as a forage crop and a cover crop in most farms, making them very useful.

Scientists believe that South-east Asia was the first place that was documented for the use of this vegetable. From then, it was introduced in South Africa in the nineteenth century and has gone on to be a popular vegetable both domestically and internationally. Its wide-scale use shows its significance in maintaining high health standards.

The main planting seasons for this vegetable is between January and April and August and November. The seeds have to be sowed about 5cm apart and require soil temperatures to be between 8&deb;C and 30°C. They can be grown alongside other plants including strawberries, cress, lettuce and tomatoes.

The soil has to be enriched with compost, first, before planting. Additionally, it should be watered regularly and, the soil must remain well-aerated for the plant to proliferate. Germination happens within two to three days, meaning that they will require close monitoring for the duration of the germination.

The process of harvesting is straightforward because they are pulled out from the ground before the taproot swells too much. This can be done anywhere between three to five weeks and, it is possible to know it is ready for harvest when the radish pushes out of the soil. They must be washed thoroughly before consumption of packaging for transportation.

Their tops are cut off for them to remain fresh, and they are refrigerated for transport over long distances. They are packed into containers while radishes that are available for domestic consumption are packed into netted bags. Exportation is mainly by ship and, the port that is used to transport the vegetable to other markets around the world is in Cape Town.

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