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We provide high-quality Uganda watermelons to the local and export market. We source our Uganda watermelons from family growers in the country.

Uganda watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) represents a fortune for the country’s farmers. Despite the fact that many new farmers are embracing the crop every year. It is a crop native to Africa that grows on vines and bears huge oblong or round fruits. Watermelon came to Uganda on unknown dates by way of South Africa where the crop originated. Interestingly, sailing ships and merchant’s vessels were responsible for dispersing the fruit in southern Europe and North Africa. Due to its flexible growth under irrigation even in dry areas, the fruit now represents 6.8 percent of the entire agricultural area around the globe.

Each watermelon supplies the body with 11 percent of vitamin A and 13 percent of Vitamin C. There is two percent of magnesium content which improves bodily metabolism. The iron content is 1 percent of the daily value for strong bones. Because of the high water content, this fruit has little fat at a negligible 0.1 grams or 0 percent of the daily value.

We source our watermelon from diverse parts of Uganda.  Our specific sources include the central and western districts of Luwero and Kayunga. We also get them from Mpigi as well as the lands bordering Kenya to the east.  Since it is a plant that thrives in any locale, it subsists well in the green dells, Nile waterfront and flat plateaus of this East African nation. Our family growers cultivate in less than two acres of land at neutral soil PH of at least 5.5. They also use compost manure for soil enrichment.

We pick our Uganda watermelons when they are mature at approximately three months. Through the supervision of our produce representatives, the harvesting process begins by checking that the tendrils have turned color to yellowish brown. Each mature watermelon produces a hollow sound if one palms it. After carefully lifting off the fruits from the ground, we cart them away to the packing shed for sorting and eventual packing.

We then wipe clean the immaculately soft Uganda watermelons before sorting them by color and size. The fruits normally measure a minimum of 22 inches in length and 10″ in diameter. The first grade also contains fruits that have firm grayish-green skin that is firm and tough in texture. They have scarlet flesh when cut open, which means they are the best quality.   We stow away any fruits that have discolored skins or appear irregular in shape. We do the same for those with blossom end disease and have insect blotches on the skin. We also remove any that have cracked surfaces which is an indicator of sunburn.

We pack Uganda watermelon in wooden crates that can hold between six and twelve fruits. There are also cases where we keep a maximum of ten fruits when all are of the same size. We also employ huge wooden Plix pellets that have sunken bottoms for each piece.  Each of the fruit pallets and crates can contain between 12 and 20 kilograms per package.

We also separately sort and pack seedless watermelon from Uganda.  Because they differ much in size, we place them regarding a minimum of three fruits per crate and maximum eight per box. We try to fix the average number of four to five fruits which are popular in the market especially when the harvested fruits are uniform in size. Our seedless fruits weigh between eighteen and twenty-two kilograms per package.   We temporarily store our Uganda watermelon under temperatures of 10 to 15° Celsius after harvesting. We also keep them well saturated at a relative humidity of 90%.  This gives them a shelf life of up to 21 days while still fresh. We transport the fruits from the warehouse at the same temperatures to ensure that they stay in good condition throughout the transit journey.

If by now you are yearning for watermelon from the largest East African producing country, we have got your back. Our Uganda watermelon comes from the best equatorial growing regions of the country under both rain-fed and irrigated agriculture. All our farmers form groups that acquire Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Concerning quantity, we offer multiple tons as we have year-round supplies from different parts of the country. As of prices, we offer the most competitive and fair rates among regional exporters. You can start by making an order today!

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