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We provide high quality Ethiopia French beans to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia French beans from family growers from Ethiopia.

Also known as green beans, Ethiopia French beans (part of Phaseolus vulgaris), are some of the most exported legumes with immature pods to the EU, the Middle-east and other regions of the globe. They come from mainly the southwestern areas of the country, principally Jimma. They thrive under high humidity, well-drained soils and over 1500 meters above sea level. Their main use is in stews that feature their cut pods that add nutritional and taste value. They are also common as ‘eat-all’ because their pods and undeveloped seeds are all edible.

We source our Ethiopia French beans from the south-west parts of the country where they are in season from the end of the year to January. We also obtain them from the relatively dry eastern Ethiopia regions where drip irrigation is the main growth method. Our sources are mainly family growers who farm singly or through cooperatives.

The total protein content of a French bean-rich meal is 9.6 grams. The starch comes at 10.5 grams while the total nutritional value per serving is 3.5 oz. The produce supplies riboflavin, calcium and phosphorous minerals. Vitamins include K, C and A, for different nutritional needs of the body. Each serving offers about 11 percent of the daily value of vitamin B6 while pantothenic acid or B5 for improving metabolism or breakdown of other nutrients in the body is 5 percent. Vitamin C, for boosting the immunity against diseases is at 15 percent while Vitamin K represents 14 percent of the total daily value. Manganese is the highest mineral content at 10 percent followed by iron for improving the oxygen supply in blood, at 8 percent.

We observe very strict supervision when handling Ethiopia French beans post-harvest handling. After every hand-picked cart comes to the warehouse in basket crates, the produce then goes directly to the storage warehouse. Our produce agents supervise all aspects of handling, ranging from cleaning on site, sizing the produce boxes and packing.

In every French beans grading, we ensure that only the finest pods feature in the final selection. We check that all produce has uniform dimensions, with no bulges, while the hidden seeds tare still tender and immature. We remove all bulging French beans that indicate that the seeds may have become tough and full of fibrous material.

During packing, we follow the industry standard of 13.5 kilograms or 30 pounds gross weight. We pack the pods in cartons that have waxing inside for preservation. We also go for either cardboard or wooden crates with wire binding which provide durable protection in surface transport from the farm.

We also pack Ethiopia French beans in 15-pound or 7.5 kilograms half bushel cartons. This lower package is especially for airborne shipping or when the client has specified lower packaging. All the content undergoes phytosanitary controls against pests, shrinking and bulging pods, before delivery to your destination.

If you are seeking the best French beans from Ethiopia, then this is the right time to make us your supplier of choice. Our produce comes from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers who exercise low chemical spraying and only use farm compost as fertilizer. Each package meets less than 0.01 percent worth of minimum residual levels (MRLs). While our prices are among the most competitive in the horn of Africa and East African region, our quality parameters meet your total tonnage needs. Make an order today!

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