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We provide high-quality Uganda red onions to the local and export market. We source our Uganda red onions from family growers in the country.

Under the local name obutungulu, Uganda red onions (Allium cepa) are some of the essential pungent crops for cooking. They appear red on the outer skin with tinges of purplish-white in the ringed interior. They are average-sized, being neither small nor large although some types have purely large types.  The most common red variety in Uganda is the Red Creole. This market staple with its deliciously pungent smell with mild tasting results commands the kitchen because of its longevity.

Consuming onions provides the body with 12 percent worth of vitamin C content. The level of vitamin B-6 is 5 percent of the daily needs while that of magnesium stands at 2 percent. The dietary fiber content is 6 percent of the daily value while that of potassium for maintaining blood electrolytes is 4 percent. With the negligible amount of sodium in it, the red onion can help to free the body of toxins that cause tumors.  It also enhances the immune system and keeps the heart in good condition.

We source Uganda onions from such areas as Rwahi, which is a part of Ntungamo district in the west of the country. It is a part of Rusheshi, a county seat that is arguably more popular than any other locale for sourcing onions. The produce attracts brokers from the big towns of Mbarara, Gulu, and Kampala. There are even conduits that lead long-distance to Kenya on the eastern border and South Sudan on the northeastern side. All our family growers own less than two acres of land and practice farming at most times of the year. They also employ organic methods of farming that include reliance on farmyard manure and little or no spraying for pest control.

We harvest Uganda onions after the leaves have wilted, which is the best indicator of maturity. This is around four months for the late maturing varieties. We also check that the crop has attained at least thirteen leaves.  We select an early morning harvesting time during a dry day and then dig out the bulbs using blunt hoes. We then immediately keep the bulbs in buckets for cooling before doing the rest of the field. We cart away the produce to the curing store where it dries and stays well ventilated.

We then sort Uganda red onions in readiness for grading. The first grade or Number 1 is made up of immaculate, red-colored, reasonably firm and round bulbs that have reached maturity at 1 inch across. These have no foreign elements including field debris and green scallions. The other grade is Number 2 which has all the qualities of the first grade but may be less firm than the desired quality. The produce in this grade contains no foreign elements and has also passed its maturity date. We then transfer the produce to the drying area for curing.

We pack Uganda red onions in a cured condition in packages of 11 kilograms.  We also have larger packages of about 22 kilos. The most common receptacles are netted bags that keep the produce well ventilated. We then stick labels on these mesh bags indicating the net weight, the source, and the destination.

We store Uganda red onions at temperatures between 0 to 5° Celsius with a humidity level of between 65 and 70%. The low humidity is essential for preventing the moistening of the bulbs which in most cases ought to remain dry.  Under this condition, they can stay for eight months in optimal condition. In cases where we are transferring the bulbs from the cold room to the exterior, we first boost their temperature to that of the surrounding. We transport the produce to the airport in Entebbe under refrigerated trucks.

In short, if you would like to avail fresh red onions from Uganda, you now have got a ready supplier from the country. We obtain our fresh cargo from responsible family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. You are assured of a quick shipment of your required quantity as we have family growers from around the country who can ably meet the order. We also provide the most attractive prices that reflect the market conditions. Make an order today!

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