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We provide high quality Ethiopia strawberries to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia strawberries from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia strawberries are famous worldwide due to their sweet and natural aroma, a product of the Oromia highlands. This Fragaria Xananassa tropical fruit first came into prominence in Roman times as a medicinal fruit. It was not until the 1700s that it thrived under civilized society in the French region of Britanny. The fruit has since become common in tropical regions, especially Ethiopia, which first exported its strawberries in 2007. Since then, the fruit has become one of the major sources of foreign revenue next to courghette, coffee, mango and herbs.

The main growing areas of Ethiopia strawberry is Oromia to the south-east of the horn of Africa nation. Famers transport the produce to the regional markets such as, Mojo, where some foreign export investors have set base. The region is situated at 1700m above sea level. Coupled with the lush sunlight that lends the brilliant color to the fruits, the high elevation also adds sweetness to the super fruit. Due to the natural growing conditions, the fruits have a sugar brix percentage of 10%.

We export strawberries to traditional and new exporting destinations ranging from the U.A.E to the neighboring Djibouti, Yemen and the European Union. These countries receive raw or table strawberries. They also come handy with processed jam, baked products and juice.

Ethiopia strawberries mature in 75 or 90 days. In the cooler regions, they mature late, which means they are available earlier in the warmer regions. Because of their availability year-round, they feature in fruit pies courtesy of their high vitamin content. The strawberry contains 97 percent of the daily value of vitamin C, making it rank together with orange as the top 5 vitamin C fruits. It also has zero saturated fat and 8 percent of dietary fiber.

Because of our liaison with multiple family growers, we provide strawberries every day of the week during the peak season to meet the importer’s needs. Farmhands pick the fruits each day, meaning that they can be easy to deliver to your destination on demand. We guarantee air shipment of the otherwise highly perishable fruit in one to two and a half days after harvesting. This makes the fruit the freshest in comparison with those from other far-off countries. In case of overnight storage, the fruit receives air saturation of around 0 degrees celsius to prevent loss of moisture.

We pack our Ethiopia strawberries in pallets when they are inside small cases or punnets of at least 250 grams per fruit selection. Before storing them, we ensure that they are pre-cooled just above 33 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius) to prevent dehydration and shrinking. We keep around nine fruits in every fruit punnet for the finest grade 1 selection. Grade two consists of medium quality fruits which are 15 to 25 in every punnet. There is also a third grade made of 28 to 32 usually relatively small-sized fruits in every punnet.

We deliver the fruits using custom boxes that contain ten by 250 grams per box. Each box consists of clear labeling to distinguish it from the rest, especially in terms of grade and size.

You can avail the sumptuous Ethiopia strawberries from us at fair and competitive prices. We obtain the fruits from family growers who use only organic means with low pesticide use in their orchards. The handling of the produce involves phytosanitary handling right from the picking to the transportation phase. We also use custom cleaning methods and reduce water contamination of the fruits which may lose some of their color when washed in the packinghouse. For further processing of your order, talk to us today!

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