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We provide high quality Ethiopia hot pepper to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia hot pepper from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia hot pepper/chilly pepper (Capsicum Annum) features a 9 to 12 centimeter long pods that house very hot, spicy walls and seeds. When mature, the pods turn from green to chocolate brown hues. Locals pound them into powder for food curry and even smoking purposes. They have scoville heat units of about 36000, indicating a quite high spicy content. The red variety (berbere) features long pods that are usually green when unripe. The latter are especially popular in Western export markets when they have low minimum residual levels. The origin of all chili family produce was Mexico and it were popular during the Aztec civilization before 1400s.

Our Ethiopia hot pepper comes with a concentration of the dietary fiber level of 6 percent. It also consists of vitamin A content of 19 percent. It is in vitamin C concentration that hot pepper wins with a very high daily value supply of more the 239 percent. The chilly spice has virtually no saturated fat, meaning that it has potential for lowering cholesterol in blood. Owing to its outer bright appearance, the carotene content that aids in eyesight is available in the form of vitamin A at 19 percent of the daily value.

We source our aromatic hot pepper from the Sheka Zone of southern Ethiopia. The produce has a local market in the Yeki Woreda Kebelle. We only use the farming services of individual family growers or cooperatives with a good record of organic growing methods that include low use of pesticides and cultivation by farmyard manure.

We supervise our family growers during each harvest of Ethiopia hot peppers. Each worker cuts the stem containing the pod instead of picking it, to keep them damage-free. Each farmhand also uses farm gloves to minimize the rate of pricking the skins for rot-free produce. Because of the careful harvesting that ensures that each reaches full size, has not yet turned brown and has developed thick walls, we expand the shelf life under optimal conditions to 85 days. The walls contain much of the capsaicin next to the seeds.

We then brush any foreign sediments like leaves and particles from the produce before delivering it to the packing shed. Our peppers do not undergo washing as this may impact on their drying process. Throughout the processing, we keep our workers’ hands gloved in rubber.

We pack both brown and red hot Ethiopia pepper in different bushel sizes, depending on the length of the produce. The small pods go into bulk bushel boxes each containing 90 of these. The large ones consist of 60 to 70 fresh peppers in each box. For those peppers with more than 9 centimeters in length, we pack them in 11.9 bushel boxes with a minimum bulk of 45 to 60 pieces. Because of their smaller sizes, hot peppers are possible to transport in bulk compared to capsicums which require single-layered, half bushel boxes.

We store hot peppers from Ethiopia in cool environments of as low as 40°F (4.5°C). You can expect them to store under this temperate for at least 14 to 21 days. We then transport the peppers under custom trucks with pre-cooled interior environment.

Because of our commitment to sourcing Ethiopia hot peppers from only family grower sources that adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), you can expect a high quality fresh spice. Our quantity matches your exact specifications. You can order the tonnage that suits your reseller market needs. For more exact shipping information about our spices, make your order today!

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