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We provide high quality Ethiopia eggplants to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia eggplants from family growers from Ethiopia.

Belonging in the same family of the tomato, Ethiopia eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum) is native to the country under multiple names. The most typical English terms include Ethiopian eggplant, mock tomato, bitter tomato or Ethiopian nightshade. It differs from the typical eggplant (aubergine or Solanum melongena) in that the fruits are ribbed and are more rounded than lengthy. It also has some features of the tomato, and thus the name.

The plant may have originated in Ethiopia on unknown dates. However, some sources claim that it reached Europe where it is still under cultivation from the East African highlands, through colonialists in the 1800s. It has gone on to become as popular as aubergine or the common eggplant.

We source the vegetable from Tigray in northern Ethiopia and most other parts of the country. The locals use Ethiopia eggplant for culinary purposes. The green leaf has higher nutritional attributes than the more popular fruit. Though people eat it raw, it commonly features in dishes for both the fruit and the leaves. It provides quite high carotene levels for sight improvement.

Each serving of the eggplant provides a daily vale of Vitamin B6 and Folate of 6 percent, each. Vitamins C or the immunity vitamin constitutes 3 percent of the daily value while Vitamin K, for enhancing blood clotting comes at 3 percent. The mineral content is led by manganese at 11% of the daily requirements.

During each harvest of Ethiopia eggplant, our farm supervisors ensure that only green fruits undergo harvesting. These are normally less bitter than the ones that have turned to a bright red color while still on the plant. We put the fruits, one by one, after careful checkup that they are firm and not quite ripe.

We pack the Ethiopia eggplants in produce boxes of 1 1/9 bushel sizes. We feature the plants in bulk counts of between 22 to 28 pieces per box. We also go for smaller quantities of half a bushel produce boxes. This consists of a maximum of 22 eggplants in each package. They undergo careful sealing in cartons that have film linings for preservation. All our fruits contain at least 14 percent of their water content upon arrival.

We transport each shipment of Ethiopia eggplant under special trucks where the produce stores under refrigerated conditions. To enhance quality, we transport each harvest to the warehouse immediately after morning time picking.

We store the whole, unbruised fruit at the minimum temperature of 0° Celsius or 50° Fahrenheit. We do not keep the fruits below the specified temperature as it may spoil fast due to dampness. All fruits store well under polyurethane covering to reduce spoilage. To create a mean between dryness and coolness to the sensitive crops, we also preserve them in paper towels that absorb the moisture while the cool storage ensures loss of water does not lead to dryness. This means that when you receive the eggplants, they will be still fresh with a creamy but firm flesh.

Thus, if you are seeking the native Ethiopia eggplant, do make an order from us today. We offer the best packaging available to suit your quantity requirements including half a bushel size, as the minimum. Our family growers produce the crop under natural conditions with little or no sprays as they have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We deliver the produce to your destination on the same day of dispatch. You can give one to two days for the shipment to arrive, depending on your part of the globe. Do make an order today as our prices are quite competitive!

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