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We provide high quality Ethiopia Okra to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia Okra from family growers in the country.

Okra is perhaps the one crop that many point to have an origin in Ethiopia. Though some argue that it may have come from as far as Asia and others voucher for West Africa, the main consensus is ancient Abyssinia, which is modern-day Ethiopia. Supporting evidence includes the fact that 1200 years before Christ, the neighboring Egyptians used the plant for medicinal and culinary purposes. The Europeans came to give Okra its present name in the 1800s, while down the centuries it got the nickname, ‘lady’s fingers.’

We source our Okra from the Ethiopia-Eriteria border where it supposedly originated. The plant is also available along the western border with Sudan. It grows on the banks of the Blue Nile in some places.

Some of the culinary uses of Ethiopia okra is that of making stews, with the tapered slices of the vegetable serving as the soup material due to their juicy, thick content. There are many other ways to enjoy the dish including in all forms of cooking from boiling to steaming and frying. The unquestionable benefits of the pointed pods include the correction of bad cholesterol accumulation in blood. The plant also keeps the intestines healthy by giving nutrition to the good microbes in the stomach. It also keeps constipation away. The vitamin C content of the plant is about 38 percent while that of the carotene-bearing vitamin A for good vision is 14 percent of the daily needs of a person. It also contains relative amounts of iron, magnesium and potassium for bone health.

During the harvesting period, our produce agents supervise the farm hands for reaping only the mature pods. The first of these mature in just 60 days after planting. We also determine the readiness of the plant for harvest by the sixth day after flowering.

Our pickers only go for standard sizes of 3 to 5 inches from the pointed tip to the part where the pod meets the stalk. In case of low supply, and upon the client’s request, we also supply grade 2 of the tinier-sized pods that still provide the same culinary treat as the others. Our Ethiopia okra undergo harvesting when they have soft seeds inside before the onset of fully developed seeds.

The picking process is strictly methodical. We use custom tools including clippers and sharpened knives to slice through a centimeter or so above the base of the okra pod. We check each basket to ensure that no produce has any mark or tear, to prevent discoloring. Our baskets usually contain linings inside to keep the harvests in the same condition as when they were in the field.

Each Ethiopia okra harvest then goes through a cleaning process that ends with the removal of extra leaves and broken parts of the plant. We do not use water to clean the produce to prevent deterioration or rotting.

The packing involves the keeping of the fresh okra according to grades. Grade 3 (fancy) is usually made of 3 1/2-inch long samples, while Grade 2 (Choice) is made of up to 4 1/2 inch-long pods, while the Jumbo grade has samples beyond this length. We keep the export quality Ethiopia okra in boxes of between 4 1/2 kilos and 14 kilos. The cartons or boxes consist of ventilation openings, with reinforcement underneath to withstand shock when lying on a moving pallet. We pre-cool the produce at 10 degrees celsius during overnight storage.

Thus, our Ethiopia Okra undergoes through stringent quality control. It also receives phytosanitary checkup for the minimum residual levels (MRLs), which rarely exceed 0.01 percent due to the fact that our family growers rarely use synthetic sprays. Besides, our pricing is highly competitive, while our delivery service is timely per your specifications. Make an order or talk to us for further assistance!

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