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We provide high quality Ethiopia plums to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia plums from family growers in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia plums are one of the few temperate fresh fruits alongside apples and pears that have made the varying climate of the horn of Africa country famous. Ethiopia has one season that comes around January for the fruit. One major weather season favors plums, namely the June to August rainy period that is followed by the dry spell of October to May. This is not strictly true in some volcanic and mountainous areas that have more flexible weather patterns.

Plums (Prunus domestica) have their native home in eastern European wild lands. The species might be one of the very initial fruits that humans cultivated from the wild. There are two varieties including the green gauge and the famous red European plum. Japanese plum (Prunus salicina L.), which also grows in Ethiopia originated in Asia, but became famous for its availability in Japan. How it came to Ethiopia is not clear but recent varieties have become widespread courtesy of the Belgian embassy and other European embassies.

Our Ethiopia plums grow in the mountainous region of Wof Washa to the north of Addis Ababa. It is in the Amhara zone in the center of the northern parts of the country, where other fruits like apples also grow. The area is best suited for growing the crop because of the occasional mist that covers it at over three thousand meters of altitude.

We source Ethiopia plums from family growers during the Tir month (January), when the streets are reddish blue with the waxy hue of the full bloomed plums. During this time of plenty, prices go by the discretion of the seller. For instance in the street, 1/2 kilo of ‘preem’ as locals pronounce the word goes for 10 birr ($0.3), while a couple of the nutritious fruits cost just 3 birr ( $0.1).

The Ethiopia plums feature in making juices notably plum juice. Courtesy of the richness in vitamin C, raw berries offer immunity against diseases, while the minimal calorie count keeps the body weight low. Other nutrients include vitamin B1 with its thiamine compound, B2 with its riboflavin, and B3 with its niacin extra nutrients. In the mineral department are iron and calcium for strong teeth. Ethiopians also add the fruit into their salads, and desserts to take advantage of the short stay of the single season fat-free fruit.

We provide red plums, green gauges and red-black plums (F.Indica) from our Ethiopian farmers. The F. Indica variety is native to Asia where the climate is nearly similar to that of the horn of Africa and thus the adaptation of the fruit shrub in the country. It is also known in slang as ‘governor’s plum,’ possibly because of its ability to take over land from other plants. Red plums with their bluish-white tinge on a red skin when ripe, and the greenish-yellow gauges, are available in the Tir month of the Ethiopian calendar from early January.

We pack our Ethiopia plums below 10 degrees celsius to ensure that the fruits reach your destination while still fresh. For the Japanese variety, which is more perishable, we pre-cool it at 0 degrees celsius with high humid conditions of up to 95 percent. This ensures that the fruits will not ripen, accumulate brown stains or become semi-transparent, which often happens to plums under normal temperature storage. Our plum boxes are made of cardboard that contains 11 percent specialty paper for providing a soft lining to the delicate fruits. We also ensure there is clear labeling to distinguish between size and variety.

Because the Ethiopia plum is a new crop, farmers undergo very careful training and coaching on its growth. European embassies usually provide the support to Amharic family growers, training that reflects in organic, healthy fruits after four to five years of first planting. For this reason, get in touch with us to obtain the freshest fruits off the orchards of farmers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Though prices fluctuate easily in the Ethiopian reseller market, you can count on us to array prices that reflect the international cost of the fruit. Make an order today!

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