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We provide high quality Ethiopia pumpkin to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia pumpkin from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima), comes from different parts of the country especially the Tigray region to the north and the southern zones. It is the largest of the squash family fruits and can attain gigantic sizes. It grows in a ribbed green color, but ripens in a bright color such as yellow or orange. Its innards go from hard at the skin level to soft at the pulpy area containing multiple seeds. The flesh is also yellowish orange when ripe. The locals in the horn of Africa country use the vegetable either in leaf or fruit form in cuisine. The most popular include d’ba zigni or duba wot when the dish has turmeric.

The origin of the pumpkin and the squash family plants is South America. It grew in the region in a wild form in 2000 B.C., in the form of Cucurbita andreana, which would then breed with other species to form the current maxima sub-species. Other squashes like C. pepo may have originated in the Americas, too.

We source Ethiopia pumping from family growers in the southern and northern parts of the country. In the south, the pumpkin grows next to sugarcane, coffee and onions and even legumes. It provides a source of nutrition to southerners who grow it for mainly subsistence or home use. It grows through rain and canal irrigation. There are also emerging marcotted varieties or hybrids that develop into large sizes, including Jack-o-Lantern interbreed that fetches high value in the market.

The pumpkin is highly nutritious. Its bright color when ripe is a source of beta-carotene, the pro-vitamin A nutrient for good eyesight, that is 29 percent of the daily value. Vitamin A itself is 53% of the daily value. The third most abundant vitamin is C at 11% of the daily value for good immunity. A single pumpkin from Ethiopia provides around 26 calories in each meal with negligible fat content.

Our family grower affiliates harvest our Ethiopia pumpkins when they are just about to change to an orange appearance or yellowish green color. The farmhands only reap fruits that have partially ripened so as to guarantee shelf life. Each hectare can expect a harvest of between 15 and 25 tons. During the harvest, we ensure that every pumpkin, big or small, comes with at least 5 centimeters of its stalk intact. We then store the fruits in rooms that have proper aeration for conservation purposes. Stored in this way, the fruit can withstand environmental factors to last for as many as 12 weeks.

We pack the Ethiopia pumpkin by two methods. The first one is by weight. The heaviest cultivars go into their own separate container while the lesser heavy ones occupy different bins. The other method is of counting the fruits one by one regardless of size into bulk containers. The latter can hold anywhere between 800 and 900 pounds (362 to 408 kilograms). We then deliver the bulk containers on pallets to the final destination.

We transport Ethiopia pumpkin from the farms in special trucks that are clean. Our transportation staff pads the bottom of the trucks with soft materials to ensure bruise-free fruits which are vulnerable to shaking due to their heavyset appearance. We also ensure there is little friction between the pumpkins by arranging them in bulk bins by similar sizes.

You can avail your shipment of Ethiopia pumpkins from us in as few as one to two days of the order’s due date, depending on your part of the world. Our sourcing areas consist of family growers who follow strict agricultural cooperative guidelines of conforming to organic quality. Most of the farmers have attained Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications through their farming groups. While our prices are among the lowest in the East African region, our quantity parameters are always exacting to meet your specific needs. Talk to us to day even while you make your first order!

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