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We provide high quality Ethiopia green beans to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia green beans from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) grow in the subtropical southwest of the country where there is high humidity. They thrive in low to mid-elevation highlands of at least 1500 meters above sea level. In the drier parts of eastern Ethiopia, farmers rely on drip irrigation to farm their fresh produce. The country’s main season coincides with the onset of winter in Europe, around November to January, when local producers like France and Spain are experiencing low supplies.

The very first green beans came from a New Yorker in 1894. Calvin Keeney, who subsequently became famous for his studies on the common bean that has edible pods, grew the stringless types. The same applies to many small-scale farmers in Ethiopia who grow string-free beans in their farms.

We source out green beans from Ethiopia in the Jimma area. The region is conducive because of its humid weather conditions. Family growers sow the seeds around July to mid-August every year, especially in the lowlands of this southwestern area of the country. In dry Debre Zeit, which is situated in a south-easterly direction from Addis Ababa, the beans are available from irrigated fields at different times of the year.

A common dish made of green beans in Ethiopia is Fasolia. It is usually a mixture of green beans and carrots, though sometimes it can vary with the addition of potatoes. Many locals eat it alongside a chicken steak with pepper spicing. The legume content provides a small degree of virtually every vitamin, with the highest being vitamins C, K and B6 at 15 percent, 14 percent and 11 percent, respectively of the daily value for these nutrients. Its fiber content for good digestion is 2.7 grams per serving.

We export green beans of mainly the Melka-1 variety that begins its growth season in the middle of July. It usually yields the biggest pods of at least 13 1/2 centimeters long with a width of 1 centimeter. We also provide the Melka-5 variety of Ethiopia green beans which are characterized by shorter pods but have the same quantity output and taste. The Melka-5 variety, however, has taller plants than its cousin that reach 28 centimeters in the farm.

Our process of packing Ethiopia green beans starts right at the harvesting field. The harvesting media is usually a basket or plastic pail. Our team washes the pods and drains the excess water from them. The packages include 15 pounds per box or crate. For the smaller bunches, we pack about 26 to 31 pounds per crate.

Before shipping them, we pre-cool the beans in optimal conditions of at least 5 degrees celsius to contain moisture. The best practice for storage entails the use of non-perforated polyethylene covers which can prolong the shelf life for several days. We ensure that during transit or storage there is no contamination by pests or temperature changes. Proper phytosanitary measures, including hygienic handling at harvest and sorting stages are also essentials of our Ethiopia beans processing.

Before finally sealing the boxes and labeling them with clear indicators like size and variety, we counter-check on various parameters. These include the possibility of breakage which often happens in bent pods upon harvest. We also sort out the pods that have extended maturity as they may have reduced the mass of the fresh produce due to dehydration.

In short, you can expect the best handpicked selection of lengthy Ethiopia green beans from our family growers. We only source from farmers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates to ensure that the legumes have grown under organic chemical-free conditions. On the price department, you have the guarantee of the most competitive allowance to go together with a quality promise. Make an order or enquire from us today!

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