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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya pumpkin to the local and export market. We source our Kenya pumpkin from family growers in Kenya.

Kenya pumpkin is one of the most nutritious of all squash family foods of which this pot-bellied variety goes under the botanical name Cucurbita pepo. The plant grows to a medium height with mostly leaves and angular, rough stems that run in twists along the grounds especially in cool regions of the country. The flower of the pumpkin is distinctly of the same color as a ripe fruit, both being a healthy yellow or light orange when ripe. The fruit itself contains some few ribs over its otherwise very firm but smooth skin.

The origin of the pumpkin is reasonably North America, particularly Mexican jungles where seeds of about 7000 years of age pointed to its origin there. In terms of naming, the fruit is common the world over under diverse names with squash being a secondary term.

Many family growers cultivate Kenya pumpkin for its leafy green leaves that go well with maize, beans and potato mix and the fruit. Much of the fruit features into the broth including seeds, though locally many families do away with seeds and go for the pulpy yellow flesh. Around the world, this vegetable is edible in its complete form, including the flowers, leaves, seeds and even the outer shell.

It is possible to enjoy your Kenya pumpkin as a stew, a roast, boiled delicacy or even a puree from its mashed form. There are many soups and purees around the United States and Canada that go into Thanksgiving recipes all made of the huge berry. In Asia, it is possible to eat the vegetable’s seeds after roasting them into a light nibbling cake.

The nutritional composition of Kenya pumpkin is quite high in terms of vitamins and energy. It adds 26 calories and provides energy for the whole working day. Constituting a quarter of the daily value per person of pro-vitamin A compounds and 53 percent of the total daily value per person of Vitamin A, this is a fruit that impacts positively on night vision. With its 92 percent water content, it provides vital Vitamin K and prevents dehydration. With 0.1 percent fat content, it is quite the vegetable to partake of to avoid sedentary diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

To provide the world with the best quality, we source our Kenya pumpkin from family growers who have met the best terms of planting. These include meeting growth requirements of separating each crop by ten meters form the other. This allows each to conserve as much moisture as possible and find room for spreading, all of which improve yields. The best yields also occur whenever the seed germinates in a warm, but moisture-filled mound of ground, which means that sowing must keep in mind a place where sunshine is possible for half the daytime.

Our farming sources maintain Kenya pumpkin from common diseases including bacterial wilt which turns the leaves into brown-colored waste. Instead of using destructive pesticides, farmers only perpetuate organic preventative measures including spraying water just in the mornings so that the crop will be dry by the time evening comes when humidity supports such bacteria. Control of pests and rodents such as deer, rabbit, mice and squirrel requires the use of traps and actual guarding of the place and even other organic methods like fencing off the field against larger animals like the deer.

Before sourcing our Kenya pumpkin, we ensure that they are only harvested when mature, which usually happens when the skin of the fruit has turned greenish yellow and is as hard as a rock. Harvesting practices include cutting the stalk around the vine in one sharp swipe to avoid tearing off the fruit’s skin. The fruit then undergoes washing prior to transportation.

Thus, if you are eager to lay hands on the large berry of a fruit with all its bright yellow color housing a world of vitamins and puree concentrates inside, place your order today.

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