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We provide high-quality Uganda papayas to the local and export market. We source our Uganda pawpaws from family growers in the country.

Uganda papayas are some of the most nutritious exports from the equatorial climate of the country. Though there are tens of species from the Caricaceae family of pawpaws, only one qualifies as the true papaya. This is Carica papaya, which can be orange-or yellow-fleshed with black seeds at the pulpy core. Though the fruit reaches a lengthy 20 inches, it is the medium length of 7 inches that is most prevalent in the markets around Uganda. Countrymen refer to the fruit as epapali in the local tongue.  The chief export destinations are actually in the region, namely Kenya as well as South Sudan.

Each papaya consists of the following proportion of nutrition: a very high value of vitamin C for bodily immunity of 101 percent of the daily value. Vitamin A is also substantially high at 19 percent of the daily value while dietary fiber stands at 6 percent. The magnesium content for strong bone structure represents 5 percent of the daily needs while calcium for good teeth enamel is 2 percent of the daily needs. Other benefits of the fruit include keeping the weight down, nourishing the skin, preserving a good heart condition, controlling the menstrual cycle and offering proper digestion.

We source Uganda papaya from Luwero as well as Masaka. Both districts are in the central parts of the nation and have marketplaces for the fruits. Our family growers keep at most two acres of land which they tend with manure and other organic enrichments like mulch.

Our sources harvest Uganda papayas when they have attained their ninth month from the planting date.  Other varieties reach full maturity at a year and two months after planting, which we consider during each harvest. The best indicators of which fruits to pick include those with yellowish tinges of color but are not quite out of their green hue. Because the fruits can bud at as high up as 9.14 meters, which is the full height of the tree, we use plumber’s picking tools for picking. Usually, the tool slide the fruit from the branch and a worker catches it as it comes down.

We pack Uganda papayas in 4.5-kilo cartons that can contain five to ten fruits. There are also bigger cartons that can consist of more fruits for a total weight of 10 kilograms. These can contain up to eighteen fruits per package.

To protect our Uganda papaya packages, we use foam sleeves beneath the fruits to keep them bruise-free. We also keep paper linings in-between the fruits in the cartons to reduce the effects of friction on the skin. This also ensures the fresh and aromatic arrival of the fruits in their original greenish yellowish color of harvesting.

We store Uganda papaya at 10° Celsius which gives the fruit a lease of about ten weeks unspoiled. For fruits that have undergone slight ripening, which is meant for local resale in Uganda and neighboring Kenya, we preserve them at a near-freezing temperature of 2° Celsius. We transport the cargo while the fruits are still unripe at this temperature range to the Entebbe International Airport.

In short, you now have a custom supplier of fresh Uganda papayas to rely on. We comb the highly sought-after fruits from traditional growers in eastern and northern Uganda for your needs. All our family growers cultivate the fruits under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications, which is a guarantee of quality. You can request for any amount that suits your needs before the papaya season that falls between January and March of the year. We also guarantee fair prices for each shipment. Feel free to make an order today!

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