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We provide high-quality Uganda snow peas to the local and export market. We source our Uganda snow peas from family growers in the country.

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Uganda snow peas (Pisum sativum var. saccharatum) or mangetout  are legumes in the bean family whose name directly means ‘eat all.’ This is because they have edible pods and little else is discarded. Some people call them snap peas and others sugar snaps, but there is no difference as they all have immature edible pods. Uganda ranks as the second largest exporter in the East African region next to Kenya.

The origin of snow peas was the Mediterranean region with a record of 37 varieties that the Romans grew. The naming came from Europe with two possible reasons, one of which is its ability to overcome winter. The plant also received its name from the bright green color of the foliage that looks almost white when the pods reflect light.

The nutritional makeup of snow peas may be one of the reasons they are so much in demand. They have negligible fat and upshot protein levels. Their low cholesterol also improves cardiac health. Perhaps this is why they are perennial favorites in the making of southern European diets.

We source our Uganda snow peas from the heart of southwestern Uganda, mainly in Kabale. Here, farmers who are not into Robusta coffee double as growers of these cash crops. We only make contact with family growers who have no more than two acres of land. These farmers can maintain their fields with the use of only farmyard manure.

Our harvesting process for Uganda snow peas begins on the 54th day from the planting date.  This differs from the late-maturing cultivars which we give more than two months before picking. Our trained farmhands select peas with pods that are flattish but with minute seeds that are tender enough to be edible while unshelled. We do not harvest any bloated pod as this may be more suitable to use as a garden pea than as an edible pod.

To reduce the possibility of the produce going bad due to its fast deterioration period, we harvest, pack and ship the snow peas on the same day. But in case this is not possible due to some logistical problems, we keep the pods at freezing point in our cold room. This can reduce the 2.2 % loss in weight that happens every two hours for legumes stored at room temperature.

We pack Uganda snow peas in 4.5-kilogram produce boxes. We finish off with top-ice to improve the chances of the produce arriving in its destination in the same fresh condition as it grew. A flat box with vents on its side can contain about 20 bundles of the produce, which we then load onto transportation pallets. We keep clear labels on the boxes to give the date of packing, the source, the net weight, and the destination. We also include polymethylpentene as a  wrapping material which keeps the produce well hydrated throughout its transit journey.

We store Uganda snow peas at a temperature range of below 5° Celsius. However, the minimum temperature is 0° Celsius which lends the produce a shelf life of at least 14 days. We do not ship any pea that has stayed in the open for some two hours as, despite its fresh appearance, it deteriorates easily after some time. We then transport the produce to the international airport in Entebbe for direct shipment on the same day.

If you want to receive a fresh supply of snow peas from Uganda, you can count on us to give you the best from this part of the world. We are also your go-to when it comes to sourcing produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources. We only interact with family growers who use little or no sprays on their farms to conform to the strict minimum residual level expectations in Europe. Therefore, you can order any volume that suits your exact tonnage needs. We tailor the prices in such a manner that they align to your budget. So,  make an order today!

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