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VarietiesSeeded, seedless, mini, yellow and orange
Size1 to 45 pounds
Season February, March, April
Packing6-12 pieces
Storage ConditionsControlled temperatures 15-21 degrees celsius
Transport ConditionsTransported in crates to avoid bruising, room temperature
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Watermelon is a tropical fruit scientifically known as Citrullus lanatus. Every bite of this sweet fruit contains about 92 %water and 6 %sugar. Morocco watermelons are considered a very healthy snack.

The watermelon fruit rind is mostly green but in some cases yellow or bi-coloured with dark green shades as stripping. The inside is red and fleshy with black seeds. Watermelons in Morocco are mostly produced in greenhouses covering an acreage of 12,000 hectares.

Watermelons cultivated in Morocco are grouped into four major types, namely:

Seeded watermelon: This variety is oblong, long and round. It weighs around 5 to 45 pounds and contains black seeds inside.

Seedless watermelon: The seedless watermelon is also oblong in shape and weights between 2 to 25 pounds. It has small white seed coats in the flesh that are usually undeveloped but edible.

Mini watermelon: The mini watermelon is seedless and the smallest of them all. It weighs approximately 1 to 7 pounds.

Yellow and orange watermelon: This is yellow in colour and almost of the same size as the seedless watermelon. Some are seedless, while others contain small white seeds. They weigh between 10 and 30 pounds approximately.

With consumer demands for watermelon being all year round, Morocco farmers are growing the fruits in greenhouses to curb the all-year-round demand. However, the natural season for the melons is between February and April.

The seeds take approximately two months in the ground with warm weather before they sprout.45 days after sprouting small watermelons begin to develop. Watermelons take around three months to mature ready for harvest fully.

Maturity is indicated when the fruit gives off a hollow sound when tapped. A healthy watermelon vine produces between 2 to 4 fruits per plant.

During harvest, the fruits are handpicked and stored carefully to avoid breaking them. After harvesting, they are packaged in wood or cardboard boxes, each box containing between 6 to 12 fruits depending on the size. The boxes weigh between 15 and 20kgs.

In Morocco, value is added to the watermelons by crushing the fruits into a puree, then treating it with enzymes then freezing it. This increases the watermelon export revenue.

The Moroccan export is in high demand throughout Europe. Export has drastically increased by 260 % in the last one year only. Morocco exports an approximate of 50,000 tones yearly.

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