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Packing16kgs fruit crates
Size2-3 inches diameter
Storage14-21 degrees celsius
Transport Conditions5-7 degrees celsius
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Morocco clementines, citrus x Clementina of family Rutaceae is a cross between Madeline orange and a bitter orange also known as sour oranges; they are about 2 inches in diameter with a thin, close-fitting peel. Clementine is generally seedless though they can contain a few seeds and usually easy to peel and section, they taste delightful. They are deep orange-coloured hybrid fruit similar in size to tangerine. The clement tree has long leaves and elliptical. It is a dwarf tree with a height of 8 cm after maturity. They are an excellent source of folic acid, vitamin C and potassium while contributing no fat and cholesterol to your diet 

The clementine is a spontaneous citrus hybrid that routs in the late 19th century in Algeria; they later spread to Morocco and other Mediterranean areas. Today most of the clementine is grown commercially in Berkane in morocco. 

The following are varieties of morocco clementines:

  1. Monreal; it is self-pollinating and has seeds, they are on average larger than the seedless variety, has a more abundant bloom and is sweeter.
  2. Fina; is originally grown on a bitter orange rootstock  that gives it superb flavour, but due to disease vulnerability is not grown on a broader range of rootstock, affecting the flavour profile 
  3. Clemenules; is a popular, seedless, easy to peel clementine with a very pleasing sweet flavour.

Clementine thrives in a less windy place that receives full sun for the best possible growth. Growing them on the ground is possible only in frost-free subtropical and tropical climate. It requires close care and attention, regular watering and ample nitrogen supply for vegetative growth. It requires acidic to slightly acidic soils. The clementine tree flowers in spring or autumn and harvesting is done from October to April. 

Full-sized ready to pick clementine fruit has a diameter of 2 to 3 inches and is bright orange in appearance. When plucking clementine does not choose those that are hard and have green peelings. A ripe clementine also emits a sweet and tart orange odour. They are packed in fruit crates of 16 kgs. Morocco was ranked 4th in the world in the production of clementine in 2016 with about 1.1 million tonnes produced.  Morocco exports, most of its clementine in Spain and other African countries. 

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