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VarietiesRed, golden, purple and black raspberries
PackingPackaged in transparent plastic baskets of 250g and 500g
SizeRaspberry fruit weighs 3-5g
StorageStored frozen unwashed
SeasonOctober to June
Transport ConditionsTransported in cartons  containing the packages frozen by air, 4 degrees C
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Raspberries grow in temperate regions of the world—initially, the fruit produced in Europe and northern Asia. Morocco is a major exporter of the raspberry having its imports to the European union growing with 400% margins over the past 5years. In 2018, the total export of raspberry to the EU amounted to 21,761tonnes. Morocco raspberries are exported to 41 countries across the world, making it among the leading producers of the fruit.

Raspberries belong to the rose family of plants. Raspberries exist in different species with distinctive colours red, golden, purple and black. The red raspberry is the most common of all, and it is scientifically known as Rubus idaeus. The raspberry fruit has a life span of 15years under favourable conditions.

Raspberry grows in shades as well as in sunny places. They grow in well-drained soils, and they can tolerate well-drained Sandy and clays soils. The climatic conditions favourable for raspberry growth include cool summers and mild winters with a preference for hot and sunny climatic conditions. Adequate moisture is essential, however, water clogging leads to root decay.

The raspberry is a perennial plant and woody. It has a perpetual root system and biennial stems known as canes. The raspberry canes are erect, and they grow in shrub form. In some varieties, the rods have spines. The plant grows 36-60 inches in height. Leaves are light green with spade-shape. I’m the raspberry fruit weighs 3-5g and is made up of 100 droplets each containing a pulp juice.

There are 15 known species of the raspberry. The varieties are mainly cultivators derived from Robus idaeus and Robus strigosus. The strawberry is also cross-bred with other fruit trees of the same species to produce different fruits.

The raspberry is a very perishable fruit, and it contains proteins, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin k, vitamin E and all B vitamins. The fruit also contains iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, fat and calories.

The raspberry also contains antioxidants that help the human body fight significant illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The fruit also contains inflammatory substances that also reduce the risk of the above conditions and obesity. The high fibre content helps in the regulation of blood levels in the blood by limiting the absorption of sugar from the digestive system. The fruit also prolongs life as it contains anti-ageing components.

The raspberry leaves are medicinal as it is used in the manufacture of traditional medicines. The leaves are also processed to provide herbal tea. 

The harvesting period of the raspberry is from October to June. The most grown raspberry varieties in morocco are Driscoll. The harvesting is done by hand. For more extended storage periods, the raspberry is stored frozen while unwashed. The packaging is done in transparent plastic punnets of 250g and 500g frozen and transported by air.

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