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VarietiesFragaria ananasa, Garden strawberry
Sizegrade 1(9 berries per 250gms punnet), grade 2(15 berries per 250gms punnet), grade 3(30 berries per 250gms punnet)
Packingpacked in small cases weighing 250 grams
StorageControlled temperatures of 2degrees-4 degrees, Frozen.
Seasonavailable throughout the year. Peak season Dec-Jan
Transport ConditionsAre transported by air, 4 degrees Celcius
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Morocco strawberries are widely known for their quality and great prices. They attract both local and international market and can be processed into a variety of products due to their wide range of uses. 

Strawberries are characterized by their juicy texture, lush red colour and sweet taste when fully developed. They are attractive to the eye when fully matured.

Fragaria ananasa is a widely grown species of the genus Fragaria mainly for its fruit which is distinct in its characteristic aroma, juicy texture, bright red colour and sweet taste. Moroccan strawberries are either consumed fresh or prepared form of pies, cakes, milkshakes and even chocolates.

The garden strawberries were first bred in Brittany, France, in the 1750s. Later on, improved species found their way to the market as a result of crossbreeding different species.

Strawberries have been farmed in Morocco since the 1950s, and the country is well known for its large production of strawberries. Morocco currently stands as the fifth strawberry exporter in the world. 28% (19000 tons) of Moroccan strawberry exports are under the ‘fresh’ category and 72% frozen. The country produces about 180000 to 200000 tons of strawberries annually, 95% of which goes to the European market. 

The strawberries are availed in the international market either as fresh fruit or frozen.

Some of the varieties of strawberries found in morocco include Fortuna, Splendor, Festival and san-andreas which are in category 1. 

Morocco`s moderate and sub-tropical climate provides the perfect conditions for the growth of strawberries. Strawberry farming is popular in the areas of Souss-Massa Draa, Loukkos and Ghard. Morocco has over 400o hectares of land allocated to strawberry farming. The strawberry farmers mulch the plants as a way of retaining the soil and reducing the moisture loss. Manure is also used to improve the soil fertility hence also improving the quality of the produce.

The strawberries take an approximated period of 2-3 months to fully mature and are available throughout the year. Even though they are available throughout the year, the peak seasons are between the months of December and January. 

The strawberries are handpicked after which they are placed in cooling chains. The berries meant for exportation are stored under specialized conditions and transportation is done within 24 hours.

The grading of the strawberries is done in three categories which are; grade 1(nine berries per punnet), grade 2(15-25 berries per pack), grade 3(28-32 strawberries per punnet).

Cooling of the fruits in conditions slightly above 5degrees Celsius is necessary to prevent them from shrinking and losing their water content.

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