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Common Names Cranberry Bearberry
Varieties Mullica Queen Crimson Queen Demoranville
Size Average width and height of 10.0mm and 13.5mm, respectively.
Packing Carton Cases 12kg each
Storage 2°C-4°C 3-4 months market shelf life
Season September-June
Transport Conditions 2°C-4°C 3-4 months market shelf life
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Cranberries are low-sugar fruits that are known for their wide range of health benefits. The global cranberry market is valued at $95.07 billion and expected to reach $121.28 billion by 2025. The production of Morocco cranberries meets the increasing demand.

Cranberries are evergreen dwarf shrubs classified under the genus Vaccinium. There are four different species of cranberries which include Vaccinium oxycoccos, Vaccinium microcarpum, Vaccinium macrocarpon, and Vaccinium erythrocarpum. It is also known as bearberry.

Cranberries are vines or creeping shrubs that grow to a height of 5-20cm and 2 meters in length. They have slender stems with evergreen leaves. The plant also has dark pink flowers with reflexed petals. Bees are the primary pollinating agent for cranberries.

The fruit assumes a round or oblong shape. The average width and height of cranberry fruit are 10.0mm and 13.5mm. The berry has a light green colour which turns red when the fruit ripens.

The cranberry fruit is native to Northern America, and its cultivation in the region dates back to as early as 1550. Native Americans at the fruit ground, fresh or mashed. By 1620, settlers started consuming cranberries. It was later distributed to other parts of the world by traders.

In 2016, Morocco cranberries contributed to 2% of the global cranberries production. Morocco’s total global output for cranberries was approximately 27,000 tons.

Production of Morocco cranberries meant for exports is approximately 43%. The cranberries are exported to more than 40 countries globally, most of which are in the European Union.

Cranberries are grown alongside other red fruit whose cultivation acreage has grown from 3,000 hectares in 2009 to 9,000 in 2019. The sector plays a vital role, both economically and socially in terms of state revenue source and job creation.

The various varieties of cranberries grown in Morocco include the Mullica Queen, Crimson Queen and Demoranville. These cultivars are faster growing and have a relatively higher sugar content compared to other varieties. They also ripen earlier, which is a competitive advantage factor in the export market.

The season for cranberry harvesting in Morocco spans between mid-September to mid-June. Harvesting also takes place during the winter and spring, but the yield is less competitive.

Cranberries thrive in poorly draining soils. Morocco has sandy soils which makes it ideal for cranberries. There should also be an adequate water supply.

The cranberry plant is susceptible to frost, which can lead to damage and low yield. North and South Morocco, where cranberries are mostly grown, are free from frost.

There are two main approaches used in cranberry harvesting, and they include wet harvesting and dry harvesting. Wet harvesting is designed to supply the market with sauces and juices while dry harvesting is for the fresh fruit market.

Wet harvesting involves flooding the bogs, which enables the fruits to float, and water reels used to dislodge the fruit from the vines. On the other hand, dry harvesting requires a walk-behind machine which combs the berries and displaces them from the vine.

The fruits are later transported to receiving stations where they are cleaned and sorted based on quality and size. The cranberries are then packed in carton cases each weighing 12Kgs. They are stored in controlled temperatures of between 2°C and 4°C and have a market shelf life of 3-4 months.

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